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Bride Lingerie - Beautiful Wedding Day Favorites

Bride Lingerie - As any bride-to-be quickly discovers, there’s a lot of preparation and a million details that go into making a wedding day as wonderful as it can be.

One essential that's often overlooked, but is just as important is the bridal lingerie that's worn under your wedding dress.

Bride Lingerie

Whether you've chosen a beautiful A-line, mermaid or ball gown, the bridal undergarments that you choose can literally make or break the look of your dress... not to mention the all-important wedding photos!

Here, we go behind the scenes for a closer look at the fundamentals of choosing wedding day intimate apparel, and a few helpful tips and tricks for a flawless look.

Bride Lingerie - The Fundamentals

Bride Lingerie -  The Inside Scoop

You can count on your best girlfriends, and on us, to give you the real truth about all things lingerie. From what works best, to common faux pas, these brutally honest tips will steer you towards bride lingerie success.

Elegant Bridal Lingerie - Cut through the chatter with this simple guide to elegant styles and easy tips on choosing the best wedding lingerie. 

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Lingerie Garter Belt - The piece de resistance that makes its big reveal towards the end of the day,  a beautiful garter belt is one of the best ways to glam up your wedding dress. 

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Elegant Bridal Lingerie Bras - Bridal bras are different compared to those that we wear in our everyday lives. We share the inside scoop on elegant bras for your big day, without any of the guesswork or mystery. 

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Bridal Undergarments

Did You Know?

The key to pulling off a sensational look on your wedding day that attracts lots of oohs and ahhs and "what a beautiful bride" comments as you walk down the aisle?

Start shopping for your bride lingerie as early as you can, and don't leave it to the last moment.

Bridal Bras

The Elegant Bridal Lingerie Look - Whatever your personal style is, the best wedding lingerie is one that makes you feel beautiful. Here, we share the top tips on an elegant look.

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Bridal Lingerie Myths - Is it fact or fiction? Here, the we take a closer look at the most common bride lingerie misconceptions. Put your fears at ease as we set the record straight once and for all.

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Getting The Best Bridal Lingerie Fit

No matter the bride or the lingerie, the only way to ensure you look your very best is by perfecting the fit of your bridal underpinnings. We’re here to share our top tips for nailing a great fit.

Elegant Bridal Lingerie Bra Fit Secrets - If you think there’s nothing new when it comes to bra fitting tips, think again. These inside tips and tricks will help you navigate the perfect bridal bra fit for a flawless look on your special day. 

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Elegant Bridal Lingerie Bustiers - One of the most popular choices for brides who love a feminine silhouette and elegant look. Here, we share how to get the perfect fit in this sexy style.

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Beautiful Lingerie Tip

Your wedding day can end up feeling VERY long in anything that's rough or coarse on your skin. 

To avoid this, consider smooth silk, satin or microfiber wedding lingerie styles for a soft and easy fit that doesn't irritate.

Elegant Bridal Lingerie Bra - Want an elegant look on your wedding day, but not sure where to start? Check out the 411 on how to ace elegant bridal bras and find the perfect style for your big day. 

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The Perfect Bridal Bustier - From photos to textures and more, in this article we share the secrets on choosing a bridal bustier, and how to create a stunning look.

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Bridal Bustier

Bridal Bra Shopping

Trying to navigate the stores in search of the perfect bridal lingerie pieces can be daunting for even the most seasoned shopper. Save time and money with these shopping secrets for scoring the most elegant items for your wedding day.

Affordable Bridal Undergarments - It’s no secret that weddings can cost a small fortune. Luckily, bridal lingerie doesn’t have to. These savvy cost saving secrets will keep you looking and feeling posh, with enough cash leftover for your honeymoon fund. 

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Honeymoon Lingerie - Often forgotten, your honeymoon is just as important as your wedding day. Here, we share helpful hints on looking and feeling fabulous from brides who have already been there.

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Beautiful Bridal Nightgowns - While it may be tempting to skip this step, take a quick look at find out why it's so important for you to try before you buy bridal nighties and lingerie.

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Did You Know?

Many online stores carry regular and plus size lingerie. And the bonus is you can do all of your wedding lingerie shopping 24/7, from the comfort of your own home.

When shopping online for bride lingerie, be sure to check sizing charts, and return policies.

Mastering Beautiful Bride Lingerie

From specialty sizes to mastering lingerie looks, these expert tips will help any bride ace even the most advanced bridal lingerie issues.

Elegant Bridal Lingerie Thongs - Shop for beautiful lingerie and look amazing on your wedding day with these easy tips.

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Plus Bridal Lingerie - From fit to figure and comfort, the fundamentals of intimate apparel on your wedding day go beyond the basics. Learn the beautiful lingerie must-haves for your wedding day.

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Elegant Bridal Lingerie Thong - Want to add a little spice to your wedding day with a pair of sexy panties? Consider a peekaboo thong - a sassy style with great panache.

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