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Types Of Bras - There’s more to a modern woman’s lingerie drawer than basic, everyday bras in traditional styles. A perfectly curated collection will boast several bra styles, so you’re covered no matter what situation, occasion, or outfit you’re in. We’ve rounded up everything you need to know about these specialty bras. Read on...

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Specialty Types of Bras

  • Half Bra - 5 awesome tips you need to know
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Blissful Beautiful Lingerie

The French say it best with one fabulous word, "demi", which literally means a half bra. If a fabulous cleavage is your glory, these specialty bras will quickly become a mainstay of your lingerie drawer:

Demi Cup Bras - You don't have to be a supermodel like Miranda Kerr or Adriana Lima to have a gorgeous decolletage. How to make your cleavage work.

Half Bra - Whether you're off to the south of France or dashing out for a night of clubbing, the half bra style oozes femininity. 5 awesome tips you need to know.

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Multi-Tasking Bras And Accessories

These specialty bra styles can whittle your lingerie collection down to just a few key pieces with their multi-tasking ability to be worn in a number of ways. Here are the do-it-all bras that are essential for a well-stocked lingerie drawer:

Backless Bra - No matter the dress, top, or outfit, a backless bra gives you the options you need and does not compromise style. Learn about the flexibility this bra offers.

Backless Bras - It's ultra easy to embrace a backless bra with our 10 insider secrets. Discover why this versatile bra is a lingerie drawer favorite. 

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Bra Extenders - Before you cast aside a bra that's too tight and not fitting the way it used to, check out a bra extender. Breathe new life into your favorite bras.

Adhesive Bra - One of the miracle bras of the lingerie world, the adhesive bra is barely there in appearance and offers good support. Here's what you need to know.

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Popular Plus Size Bras

In the past, full figured bra styles have gotten a bad rap for being frumpy and matronly. We're making it our mission to cast those old notions aside to make room for all of the reasons to love your curves.

Here are the types of bras you need to rock a full bust and feel amazing about your beautiful curves:

Full Bras - Some of the worlds most beloved bra brands also  specialize in full cup sizes, and we couldn’t be more excited!  Discover our 5 favorites.

Full Figured Bras - Discard those outdated, industrial looking and plain full figured bras and lingerie that grandma wore. We review 5 beautiful styles that you can afford.

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Goddess Sports Bra - A Goddess sports bra is supportive, comfortable, pretty and holds your girls in when you're working out. Find out why so many women love it!

Minimizer Bra - Ace a perfect look with a minimizer bra that fits just right, as if it were custom made for your curves.  6 top tips for a perfect fit.

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