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Womens Sleepwear - Comfortable and Trendy Picks for a Good Night's Rest

Womens Sleepwear - If there's one thing we know to be true, there's nothing nicer than slipping into comfy sleep wear and savouring those last few relaxing moments before you doze off.

In this guide we go behind the scenes for an inside look at easy to wear nightwear - from the best nightgowns for your silhouette and how to save tips and tricks, to popular brands, style secrets and more.

Womens Sleepwear

Womens Sleepwear Favorites

  • 5 night gowns that look and feel sensational for every season

Warm Sleepwear For Women

Brushed back satin nightgowns - the best ones for your shape

With a cozy brushed inside layer designed to keep you warm, a brushed back satin nightgown is one of the nicest sleep and lounge wear styles for the colder months. 

Love the look, but not sure which ones are the best for your silhouette? No problem.

This article shares helpful advice on choosing nightgowns for your shape - from pear and apple, to rectangle and hourglass, to petite and curvy - along with tips on necklines, patterns, length and more.

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Flannel Nightgowns

Flannel nightgowns - style secrets and essentials

As the days grow shorter and cooler nights set in, there’s nothing we love more than cuddling up in cozy warm flannel sleepwear - with a cup of hot chocolate (with marshmallows, please!).

Whether you're a fan of comfortable long nightgowns or casual ladies nightshirts, there's a treasure trove of flannel nightgowns and sleepwear just waiting to be uncovered.

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Petite sleepwear - a look at the best brands

When you’re petite, it can be a struggle to find sleep wear that looks and feels fabulous AND doesn't overwhelm your frame.

Here, we share a carefully curated collection of petite sleepwear brands. From silky soft fabrics to delicate details, these brands are designed to cater to the unique wants and needs of the petite silhouette.

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Womens Petite Sleepwear

Satin nightdress and sleepwear secrets

Do you enjoy a touch of glamor in your nightwear routine? When it comes to satin nightwear, comfort and pizzazz go hand in hand.

From beautiful long nightgowns to bias cut short chemises and more, this article goes behind the scenes and takes a closer look at the secrets of satin sleepwear for a luxurious experience.

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All about the Victorian nightgown

The ultimate in romantic sleepwear, Victorian sleepwear is as whimsical as it is charming, and one of the nicest styles that we can think of that celebrates a woman’s femininity.

The unique appeal of beautifull Victorian nightgowns? Luxurious lace necklines, billowing sleeves and intricate hems in cool lightweight cotton transport you to the pages of Jane Eyre and Bridgerton, and beyond.

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Cotton Nightgowns

Why Victorian nightgowns are a great gift idea

When it comes to gift giving for the friends, family and sleepwear enthusiasts who crave something elegant and romantic, Victorian night gowns are definitely worth considering.

From delicate details to poetic designs in beautiful high-end fabrics, they offer a touch of frivolity and splurge-worthy appeal for women of all ages.

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Sleep Wear Slumber

If, you live in a colder climate and want to keep cuddly warm, thicker fabrics such as flannel sleepwear or brushed back satin night are great choices to consider.

Womens Sleepwear - The Everyday Essentials

Long cotton nightgowns - the facts and myths

Pretty, practical, and ever popular, womens cotton nightgowns are a beautiful bedwear and kick back and relax essential that are a great starting point for any sleepwear collection.

Whether you like them plain and polished or sumptuous and sexy, before you shop till you drop, it's a good idea to get to know the myths (and facts) around this familiar night wear staple.

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Long Cotton Nightgowns

Women sleepwear - how to save tips and tricks

Whether it’s a pair of warm snuggly pajamas, a luxurious tartan flannel nightgown, or a pretty lace chemise, nothing beats relaxing in night wear that you love to look at - and more importantly, love to wear.

What could be better? Knowing that you didn't pay full price! This post shares some of the easy tips and tricks that you can use to enjoy new favorites without spending a fortune.

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Womens Cotton Pajamas

Which night gowns are the perfect pick?

Shopping with your shape in mind and having an understanding of which nightgowns work and don't work as they apply to your lifestyle is a great game plan to save time and disappointment.

Since silhouettes vary, we've put together a list of easy essentials for each one - what to look for and what to avoid - to carry you through to comfort and style.

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From winter to summer - 5 beautiful nightgowns

They're stylish. They're effortless.  When your schedule is crazy and you don’t have the time to figure out what you need, no problem!

We’ve done the work for you, and put together an easy peasy womens sleepwear guide that takes you through a selection of popular styles from winter to summer.

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Ladies nightwear - the fundamentals of a perfect fit

We spend a lot of time looking through ladies nightwear, analyzing different styles, and poring over the intricacies of fabrics and fit.

In this article, we highlight the fundamentals of a great fit (and fabrics) while taking a closer look at some of problems (and solutions) for comfortable and stylish sleepwear.

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Womens Sleepwear In The Spotlight

For those who prefer modern sophistication with a touch of glamour, satin nightgowns and sleek silk sleepwear offer an exciting look.

Cozy night gowns - unlocking the secrets

How do you warm-ify when the winter months roll around and the temperature drops? Slip into insanely cozy nightwear that makes you feel cocooned in warmth and comfort, that's how.

Cue the frost weather favorites - long brushed back satin nightgowns, flannel nightshirts, and fleece sleepwear - and relax in the reflection of a fireplace, while soaking in the relaxation of the winter season. 

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Chemise sleepwear secrets

Are long nightgowns not your cup of tea? If you prefer shorter styles that are above or just below the knee length, then chemises are worth considering.

A Love of Lingerie favorite, they can be worn year round as nightwear, loungewear, as lingerie and / or slips, which makes them a multi-purpose sleepwear / daywear basic. 

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