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Chantelle Bras And Lingerie - How To Embrace A Chic Look

Chantelle Bras and Lingerie. Have you ever wondered why French women always look so amazingly chic and stylish?

Chantelle Bras

They seem to radiate a certain je ne sais quoi - a timeless look that's effortlessly casual and refined, yet so well put together.

Their secret? Self confidence, a great attitude, and wardrobe classics that start with beautiful lingerie.

As an exciting “lingerie feminine” favorite, Chantelle Lingerie is the quintessential example of French chic.

Specializing in beautiful intimate apparel for petites to plus sizes, this French lingerie brand makes it easy to be chic with a comprehensive range of styles, quality fabrics, and an exceptional fit.

Chantelle Bras And Insider Tips

  • The Classics - a behind the scenes look at the most popular styles
  • The Best Bras - from demi cup to full coverage bras, their best specialty styles in the spotlight

French Lingerie - The Fundamentals

When it comes to intimate apparel, fewer things give lingerie lovers more satisfaction than the thrill of knowing that no matter what they choose from Chantelle bras and lingerie, the attention to detail and excellent quality will be second to none.

The only dilemma you may face is trying to stop at just one beautiful brassiere!

Bra styles for every shape

From seamless to sports, minimizer to full figure, this fantastic French lingerie favorite has a great selection of brassieres for every shape and size.

>> How to choose the best styles for your shape

Why Chantelle lingerie is such a popular brand

When it comes to European lingerie, there's something magical about the French.

Whether it’s beautifully detailed lace with scalloped edging or smooth and seamless tailored styling, Chantelle lingerie is known for quality and a certain je ne sais quoi that's hard to resist. 

>> Explore Chantelle lingerie

Chantelle Lingerie

All about Chantelle

When it comes to the intimate apparel, the old adage is true - the best ones feel like you’re not wearing anything at all.  From T shirt to plunge bras, Chantelle lingerie has every style, need and size covered.

>> More about Chantelle

Bra Fitting - Tips And Tricks

What could be more fantastic than a drawer full of beautiful brassieres and panties that fit you to a T, ooze style, and make you feel like glamorous every time you slip them on?

Whether you’re a petite 32A or a curvy 36DD, even when you’re absolutely certain of your size, we always recommend the best practice of taking your time and trying the styles and sizes that you're interested in.

Make sure that everything fits perfectly before you buy to avoid disappointment.

What if you have a curvy or plus size shape?

No worries. Getting a great fit is so much more than just choosing beautiful undergarments in your favorite color.

From straps to cups and everything in between, we share how to get the perfect plus size styles and fit.

>> Learn the 5 best things about plus size bras

The classics

Gone are the days of frumpy and uncomfortable styles that didn't fit well.

Today’s beautiful bras are sleek and comfortable and a pleasure to wear. From wireless to underwire bras, here are the signature favorites that Chantelle is known for.

>> Discover the top picks

Specialty bras

When it comes to everyday and specialty brassieres - such as convertible and demi - that are ideal for strapless dresses, plunging necklines, etc., we always recommend that you try them under your clothing before you buy.

>> Specialty style tips

It's all about fit tips and tricks

From everyday styles to sexy favorites, Chantelle bras and lingerie offers great styling, support and fit that generations of devoted French women swear by. Their comprehensive size range includes B through DDD sizes.

>> Fit tips and tricks


Brassieres And Intimate Apparel - The Style Savvy

From the popular plunge to the perfect plus sizes, Chantelle bras and lingerie offer a stunning collection to suit every personality, preference, and occasion, with more than 20 sensational styles to choose from.

Add a matching pair of your favorite panties, a camisole, or chemise for a perfectly paired look and you’re ready to go.

Chantelle bras and lingerie

While French lingerie brands have a stylish cachet that can be called magnifique, at times it can be a little confusing knowing what style goes with what.

Here, we share inside tips on choosing bra styles for your favorite clothing and more.

>> Tips on choosing styles for what you're wearing

How to enjoy Chantelle bras by style

Whether you’re just starting or a lingerie diva who enjoys the magic of beautifully made intimate apparel that offers easy tailored comfort in a wide variety of styles for every want and need, Chantelle bras and lingerie are definitely worth taking a look at.

>> Discover popular styles

Bras and Lingerie

Lingerie drawer fundamentals

Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in intimate apparel that you no longer wear for whatever reason.

It may have seemed like a good idea at the time, but now you find yourself asking, "what was I thinking?"

No worries, we've all been there and get it - bras and lingerie can be confusing. In this article we share the back to basics - the essential styles that are the core of a hard-working beautiful lingerie collection. 

>> The essentials list