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Bridal Bras - Beautiful Styles For Your Wedding Day

Bridal Bras - What makes a wedding magical and memorable?  A perfect venue that sets the mood, fragrant flowers, a beautiful ceremony and of course - a stunning dress that has your guests oohing and aahing as you make your way up the aisle. 

While choosing the right bridal lingerie may seem low on your list of a million things to do before the big day, it is one of the key details that you may want to invest a little more care and time on. 

Bridal Bras

Why?  The wrong bridal bra can spoil the look of your carefully chosen dress. Unexpected bulges, puckers, lines and straps appearing where they shouldn't are all big no nos on your wedding day.

The solution?  Like a an invisible best friend, the right bridal lingerie smooths, shapes and ensures a flawless fit for your special day.  Below, the styles, tips and how-tos for your best look.

  Bridal Bras Guide - Insider Tips And Tricks

Bridal Bras That Fit to a T

Your wedding gown is tailored to perfection, and you should expect the same gorgeous look, fit and feel from your bridal lingerie. From small to plus, no matter what your size or shape, there are easy tips for achieving success on your wedding day.

Bridal Bras - Whether you’re petite, plus sized, or somewhere in between, here are our top tricks for the perfect bridal bra. Put your best figure forward on your special day, starting with a style that’s specially suited for your shape. 

>> Find The Perfect Bra

Plus Size Bridal Lingerie - Make shopping for your bridal lingerie the easiest part of planning your wedding details when you follow these foolproof tips for finding plus size pieces with an amazing fit.

>> How To Get A Great Fit

Bridal Bras For Curves - Finding the right style for your wedding dress may seem like an impossible task if you're a little curvier than average. No worries. This handy guide reveals the top 5 styles that are guaranteed to fit and flatter. 

>> The Best Styles For Curvy Silhouettes

Brides Lingerie - The Essentials

Bridal lingerie can be expensive, particularly when it comes specialty styles. The good news is that you don't have to blow your wedding budget.

The following are easy cost saving tips that can help you spend less and save more for splurge worthy things - like an exotic honeymoon to Paris or Bora Bora.

Wedding Underwear - Pssst! We’ve got some of the little-known ways for scoring deals on bridal panties and undergarments. Learn the tips and tricks for keeping your budget intact on your wedding day.

>> How To Get Great Deals

Demi Bras - A stunning style that's just as nice for your wedding as it is for your trousseau. Here, the must-know secrets for creating a luxurious look without spending a small fortune doing it. 

>> Luxurious Looks For Less

Bridal Bustiers - Every bride deserves to feel her most beautiful on her wedding day, and a stunning bustier is the perfect piece to create that feeling.

Enjoy all of the benefits of a bridal bustier without breaking the bank with these beautiful styles that are easy on the wallet. 

>> How To Save On Bridal Lingerie

Wearing A Strapless Dress?

Bridal bras really depend on the neckline of your gown. If your neckline is low or backless, consider strapless bridal lingerie styles like :

  • Demi Bras
  • Backless Bras
  • Adhesive Bras
  • Strapless Bras
  • Strapless Bustiers
Strapless Backless Bras

Specialty Bras

From A line to ball gown, mermaid to column, there's such an amazing variety of specialty dresses to choose from.  Some styles require more structure and support than others without interfering with the cut and style of a dress.

Here, a few of these specialty types of bras that are excellent options for one-of-a-kind necklines and wedding dresses -

Strapless Backless Bras - We love the versatility that a strapless backless bra provides, but it’s not for every bride. We’ve broken down the pros and cons of this style in this handy guide.

>> Are They The Best Choice?

Strapless Bras - The ultimate bridal favorite - take your strapless bra from simply functional to absolutely fabulous with these insider tips and tricks for making the most of this classic style.

>> 5 Simple Secrets

Strapless Bras

Backless Bras - Brush up on the inside tips and tricks for choosing the best backless lingerie, and navigate your options like a pro.  You’ll love this easy to follow guide that’s loaded with all of the know-how you need. 

>> The Best Backless Bra Styles

Wedding Undergarments - Hands down, this is a must-read for any bride-to-be trying to determine what intimate apparel they need for the big day.   

>> The Best Styles

Bridal Lingerie: The Big No Nos

Part of getting your wedding lingerie just right is knowing how to steer clear of getting it wrong. We’re revealing what not to do, so you can focus on making the perfect choices for you -

Why Bridal Nightgowns Are Uncomfortable - Your wedding night is a time to celebrate and feel wonderful. Don’t let an uncomfortable or fussy nightie ruin the romance.

>> The No Nos To Sidestep

Wedding Underwear To Avoid - Before you begin your search for wedding underwear, check out our insider's guide on undergarments to avoid. 

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Wedding Underwear

Bridal Panties - Look and feel your best on your wedding day with the perfect pieces - from your gown and jewelry, all the way to your panties. Avoid these errors and guarantee a gorgeous look.

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Bridal Corset Faux Pas - There’s a reason why corsets are so popular with brides on their wedding day - the beautiful hourglass figure they create. Here, the common corset mistakes to eschew for an amazing look.

>> What You Need To Know

The Best Bra Fit?

Not sure about the best style for your wedding dress? A professional bra fitter or intimate apparel specialist can take your measurements and make suggestions about the types of bras that will work best.

Stunning Beautiful Lingerie Shapers

No matter what your size or shape is, a bride can create a gorgeous figure and beautiful curves on her wedding day, with a little help from the right undergarments. Here, we take a closer look at the top picks that can help shape your silhouette into a lovely look on your special day.

The Best Bridal Undergarments - Every bride wants to look her best on her big day, so keep your figure flaws under wraps in these must-have undergarments that will keep you looking flawless, no matter what your body woes are.

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Bridal Bustiers - Create the elegant look of your dreams in a bridal bustier that’s perfect for your dress. We share how to choose the ultimate bridal bustier for your special day without spending a lot.

>> Shopping Tips

Longline Bras - Luxurious retro styling and extra support make a long line bra a great option for maximizing curves and looking chic on your big day.

>> How To Choose The Perfect Style