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Olga Bras And Lingerie Tips For A Beautiful Look And Fit

Olga Bras and Lingerie – when it comes to stylish full coverage bras that have a comfortable fit, Olga is one of the most popular intimate apparel brands available today for a reason.

Founded more than 60 years ago as a company specializing in foundation wear, Olga bras and lingerie now caters to the wants and needs of women with curves, focusing on C to DDD bras, panties and shapewear.

Olga Bras and Lingerie

Whether you’ve been wearing their bras for years and are a beautiful lingerie enthusiast, or have just discovered them, there's something special about this popular brand that enjoys great loyalty in the crowded world of intimate apparel.

Here, we’ve pulled together a few of our best tips and some helpful advice that we've learned along the way. Olga makes it easier than ever to dress well.

Olga Bras And Lingerie

  • The Best Of Olga Bras - a quick look at stylish easy-fitting styles that are the perfect choice for everyday and special occasions
  • Why Olga Bras Are Fabulous - looking for great bra styles that are designed to fit fuller breasts? We share what makes this bra brand so popular.
  • Olga Bras By Style - learn about the different styles and how to choose the best ones for the clothing that you wear
  • Olga Bras - the best everyday styles that offer a fantastic combination of beautiful styling and great support 
  • Olga Bras - Comfortable styles that feel fantastic

Olga Bras And Lingerie Shopping Essentials

If you’re not quite sure where to begin and need some inspiration, you've come to the right place. Here, we share the basics of Olga bras and some of the best how-to tips and style suggestions that make the essentials easier.

Popular Everyday Styles– from sensational seamless bras to miracle minimizer bras, Olga offers a fantastic variety of styles that celebrate a woman’s curves in all the right places.

Great for everyday wear and special occasions, we take a closer look at 5 of their most popular underwire and wirefree favorites.

>> Popular wirefree and underwire styles

Underwire Bras

Why Olga Lingerie Has Loyal Customers – when it comes to beautiful bras that offer a great fit with a dash of extra detailing and femininity, Olga lingerie is one of those brands that do not disappoint.

Why? Because they totally get what curvier women want and need.

Whether it’s a contoured T shirt bra with a hint of lace or a 3 part underwire bra with scalloped edging, Olga bras offer great coverage, comfort and a supportive fit.

>> The best styles

Olga Bras For Less - when you’re watching your expenses, there’s nothing quite so satisfying as slipping into luxurious Olga bras and panties that are super nice AND wallet friendly.

From shopping online to insider VIP lists and more, here, we’ve pulled together a list of the best how-to-save secrets that will help you save on the Olga bra styles you love.

>> Insider tips on how to save

Olga Bra

Olga Bras and Lingerie – are you full-busted and frustrated that there aren’t any nice support bras that will look great and fit well?

Think again. The trick is knowing where to look. Tap into the cornucopia of underwire and wirefree bras and focus on the styles that complement your body type, and avoid the ones that don’t.

>> Shopping tips

Wirefree Bras

                                                      Did You Know?

There really was an Olga behind Olga lingerie! Olga Erteszek started her lingerie business with a rented sewing machine and a dream.

The Bra Style 411

When you’re standing in the middle of the lingerie department, finding a perfect bra that’s comfortable, flatters your shape, has a great fit, AND gives yu killer confidence can seem next to impossible. It's not!

Take these quick and easy lingerie tips with you on your shopping trip, and save yourself major disappointment in the fitting room.

Olga Bras By Style – having the perfect bra at the ready for the clothing you choose can make the world of difference between looking and feeling so-so and absolutely amazing.

Whether it’s a seamless bra under sheer tops and clingy clothing, or a versatile convertible bra to wear with your favorite summer dresses, Olga has some of the best bras for every occasion.

>> Lingerie drawer essentials

Olga Lingerie

Olga Bras By Style – do you ever wonder what underwire and wirefree styles other lingerie enthusiasts are wearing and why? In this article, we take a closer look at the most popular bras that Olga offers - and why they return to them again and again.

>> Popular underwire and wireless styles

Olga Bras With Great Support – while many of today’s full figure bras have fantastic cup and strap support, lingerie manufacturers understand the importance of better support along the side and back panels.

Why? Improved side and back support offers much better contouring for problem areas and smoothing any lingering bulges and bumps.

>> Find out more about styles that offer great support.

Full Figure Bra

How Olga Bras Became A Lingerie Favorite – from their humble beginnings in the 1950s as a corset manufacturer to the intimate apparel powerhouse that it has become some 60+ years later, Olga lingerie has remained on point with creating affordably priced, great fitting bras that cater to beautiful lingerie enthusiasts and newcomers of all shapes and sizes.

>> How Olga became a favorite