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Bra Fitting - Easy Tips For The Best Fit Of Your Life

Bra Fitting - Ask any fashion expert, what the number one secret for looking fantastic and having your clothes look like they're tailor made for your particular shape. Odds are their answer will be great foundation wear.

It's what supermodels, famous designers and fashionistas have known for years - looking sensational in whatever you wear begins with a bra that fits.

A great bra fitting is the number one secret to a tailored look - no matter what you decide to wear.

Like a behind the scenes best friend that smooths, supports and lookings fabulous, the right bra is all about enhancing your assets to help you to look and feel fabulous from head to toe.

Is it hard to do? Not at all. All you need are the right tools and a bit of guidance. In this article, we share the easy essentials of bra fitting and how to get it right.

From the most popular brands and sizing calculator - this is one of the best kept secrets - to understanding how measurements work and what to avoid, achieving a tailor-made fit (and fantastic look) has never been easier.

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 Bra Fitting - The Essentials

  • Bra Sizes - top 5 secrets about your favorite brands
  • Bra Fit - the ultimate tips for a beautiful silhouette

Bra Fitting 101 -  The Best Bra Basics

Did we mention the importance of getting the best bra fit, fit, and fit!  From avoiding cups that are too small to tackling back fat and more, the fit is everything - and sooo important when it comes to enjoying an amazing look for your shape.

Here, the 411 on how to ace those key essentials to help you put your best curves forward -

Finding The Right Bra Size – It's easier than you think. Here, we share a quick list of the common bra fitting pitfalls that you need to avoid to set yourself up for success.

> The Nos You Need To Sidestep For A Great Fit.

Bra Measurements – Did you know that getting the right bra measurements is the first step to finding the right bra. Second step? It’s how you interpret those measurements that will get you the best fit.

> How To Understand What The Numbers Mean.

Bra Size Converter – Never wear the wrong bra size again! Whether you love European lingerie brands or U.S. intimate apparel, this simple guide shows you just how easy it is to convert bra sizes into ones you'll understand.

> How To Get Your Size.

Take Off Bra – Quick question - how do you take off a bra? Surprise - there's more than one easy peasy quick way to slip out of your bra without having to become a Cirque du Soleil contortionist.

> Quick And Easy Ways To Remove A Bra.

How To Fit A Bra – Learn how to spare yourself from having to rely totally on a measuring tape only to end up with completely confused with the wrong size for your shape. 

> Throw Away The Measure For Good.

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Ask Carmen...

Q. How often should I replace my bras?

A. It depends on how often you wear them. If they're favorites that you wear regularly, the general rule of thumb is approximately 6 months to a year.

Bra Fitting 101 - How To Turn Up A Stunning Shape

It's so true, size matters, but so does style, cut, and even attitude. Slip into a bra that gives you curves that you never thought possible with these tips for showing off your shape in the perfect bra for you.

Bra Fit – Does trying bras on have you confused? Cut through the confusion in the fitting room with these easy ways to navigate the right fit, and create the sleek shape you’ve always wanted.

> Best Practices Guide.

Bra Size Calculator – Cup sizes and band sizes - it's so confusing!  No worries, you've got this. We show how easy it is to calculate your bra size, get a great fit, and channel the beautiful look of your favorite  supermodels.

>Insider Tips On Different Bra Sizes From Around The World.

Bra Sizes – If you've been wearing bras for any length of time you know that not all sizes are not created equal. No problem. We’ve taken the guesswork out of how to navigate the bra brands (and the way they all seem to fit differently) that women love.

> Read Our Reviews On Bra Brands And Sizes.

Bra Fitting Insight

Do you find yourself #!@*&%ing at your bra?  That's a big red flag that your bra doesn't fit properly. Not sure? The following examples may be a sign that it's time to take a second look -

  • your breasts are spilling out of the cups
  • there are rolls you never knew you had that are spilling over the sides of the bra
  • the straps dig into your shoulders - ouch!
  • you're constantly pulling or pushing your bra trying to get it into place
  • your bra rides up in the back
  • the straps are supporting the entire bra
  • the bra cups are wrinkling
  • the straps are always falling down
  • the underwire is poking you
Getting the correct bra size can be tricky from one brand to another. Be sure to try before you buy to avoid disappointment.

Correct Bra Size – Score the best bra size that you need for a comfortable fit and ample coverage to ensure a beautiful look that will have everyone wondering what your secret is.

> Discover The Essentials.

Determine Bra Size - Quick tip - did you know that besides being fitted by a lingerie specialist at a department or specialty store, there are several quick and easy ways to determine bra size.

> Try These Clever Tips.