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Bra Accessories: Which Ones Are The Best For Your Lingerie Problems?

Bra accessories: They're easy. They're effortless. They're the secret essentials designed to make you feel and look fabulous.

Maybe you've noticed that your bra is too tight. Or, that your cleavage needs a little (or big) boost. Maybe you have a revealing neckline or a fashion emergency in an awkward place. 

No worries! From bra pads to nipple covers, extenders to tape, we share the lingerie essentials to say goodbye to the challenges, and hello to cool confidence.

Bra Accessories

Bra Extenders - Get The Perfect Fit

Favorite bra a little too snug? No worries! We'd like to introduce you to a simple solution - a bra extender solves the problem of too tight bra bands.

Easy to use, this nifty little accessory attaches to the back closure of your bra and provides a few extra inches around the band for a more comfortable fit.  Best of all, it can be adjusted up or down as needed.

Bra extenders are available in basic colors - white, natural, and black. Mix-and-match packages offer different widths that accommodate a variety of bra styles for petite to plus sizes.

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Bra Pads - Boost Your Bust

Whether you are looking to add a little cushioning or a whole lot of ooh la la to your bustline, bra pads (or inserts) are a fantastic quick fix.

How do they work? Designed to slip discreetly into the sides and / or bottom of your bra cups, these flexible bra accessories offer a fuller shape and lift to the breasts.

Bra pads come in a wide variety of sizes and materials to suit the outfit and occasion, including:

  • traditional foam
  • silicone (ideal for a natural look)
  • gel
  • water

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Adhesive Bras - Go Backless and Strapless with Self-Confidence

So you have a sensational backless or halter dress, gown, or top that shows off your bare shoulders, but you're not sure which bra to choose?

Add an adhesive bra and voila, problem solved.

With skin-friendly self adhesive cups that adhere gently to the breasts, this type of bra provides great support and seamless coverage without the need for traditional bra straps. 

Reusable adhesive bras come in a number of different styles and variations, such as -

  • Plunge
  • Push-up
  • Demi

Fashion Tape - Secret Essential For Fashion Emergencies

Have you ever had a wardrobe oopsie that you're really not sure how to fix? Enter fashion tape - a guardian angel when it comes to solving all-things lingerie.

Super versatile and adjustable, double-sided adhesive tape is easy to apply - you can use as much or as little as needed. It's also virtually invisible under clothing and can be removed without leaving any residue. It can -   

  • Help prevent a plunging neckline from revealing too much
  • Keep a wrap or revealing dress in place
  • Create a cleavage-enhancing look sans bra straps
  • Keep things in place and gives you the freedom to move with confidence

Nipple Covers - Say Bye Bye to Show-Through

For those times when you don't feel like wearing a bra, or want to wear a see-through or clingy top with a bra, nipple covers are a game changer.

Also known as breast petals, these behind the scenes gems stay in place with a sticky adhesive backing that allows you to adjust their fit and flexibility.

They offer discreet coverage and protection that's comfortable, and most importantly - natural-looking.

Nipple covers come in a variety of shapes and materials - from low-profile medical grade rayon to natural looking silicone - that are designed for different clothing types and occasions.

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Bra Straps & More - Say Hello To Versatility

Bra straps can be a pain, especially if they're constantly sliding or falling down, or just don't look right with what you're wearing.

There are a number of alternatives to deal with this issue, including strap clips, strap covers, or strapless bras -

  • Racerback clips / straps - positioned between back straps to convert the bra to a racerback style and / or offer additional support
  • Strap covers - conceal unsightly bra straps with a variety of materials, colors and patterns that can be matched to your clothing
  • Convertible bra straps - added to strapless bras, they can be altered for classic, halter, one shoulder and cross-back tops and dresses
  • Strap cushions / pads - placed under bra straps to relieve shoulder pressure and prevent digging from straps
Bra Straps

Perspiration Strips - Stay Cool and Dry

Hot summer days? High impact work outs?  Warmer temperatures can lead to pesky perspiration that's not so nice when you're going about your busy day.

The solution?  Perspiration strips – discreet, moisture-absorbing lightweight strips that keep you feeling fresh and dry all day long.

These handy reusable strips adhere to the inner lining of your bra, absorbing and wicking moisture away while preventing embarrassing situations.

It's easier than ever to stay cool, comfortable, and confident with these popular bra accessories - no matter how high the mercury climbs!

Silicone Breast Forms - Master The Silhouette You Want

Whether due to mastectomy, restoring symmetry after surgery, or a wish for a fuller look, silicone breast forms, sometimes known as prosthetics, offer a natural-appearance that resembles real breast tissue.

Made from soft, medical-grade silicone in partial and full shapers, they can be used with a variety of bras for a supportive and comfortable fit that can be customized. 

Lingerie Bags - Protect Your Bra Accessories

When it comes to protecting and prolonging the life of your delicates, a lingerie bag is an essential in your laundry arsenal.

Made from a sturdy nylon mesh, lingerie laundry bags keep bras, panties and intimate apparel safe from snagging, stretching and damage of a washing machine, while allowing detergent and water to give them a gentle refresh.

Available in various sizes to accommodate large and small styles, popular lingerie wash bags come with zipper or tie closures to prevent the contents from escaping during the wash cycle.

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