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Bra Shopping - The Need To Know Fundamentals

Bra Shopping - Whether you're a fan of simple styles for everyday wear, luxuriously decadent ones for black tie events, or something entirely different - there are beautiful bras to suit every moment of your life.

On an early morning coffee or school run?  Have a Zoom call for work? There are comfy bras for that. Planning a weekend getaway or a romantic date? There are definitely splurge-worthy styles for that as well.

Bra Shopping

One of the perks of having the right bra the moment you need it is never being caught off guard and having to substitute one that doesn't work well - it's not fun!

Here, we help take the guesswork out of shopping for bras - from the best style picks and secrets to what to avoid and more.

Bra Shopping - Styles & Tips

  • Adhesive Bras - what you need to know to look great AND be comfortable.
  • Backless Bra - 5 signs you're wearing it the wrong way (and how to get it right!)
  • Half Bras - how to mix and match them for a stunning look
  • Bra Sports - popular underwire and wireless styles

Comfortable Bras For Everyday Wear

When it comes to shopping for everyday basics designed to make your life easier, these styles will quickly become part of your daily rotation.

Bra Camisole - The All Season Favorite

We love the convenience and versatility of two favorite lingerie undergarments - the bra and the camisole - brought together in one easy to wear style.

>> All about bra camisoles

Front Closure Bra - Things To Avoid

Easy peasy to put on and take off, front closure bras are a comfy alternative to regular bras, making them a great option for everyday wear. Here, we share the things to avoid. 

>> Discover tips on front closure bras

Convertible Bras - Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

What’s not to love about one of the best bras that can be configured so many ways it's often thought of as the Houdini of the lingerie world? 

>> Your top 7 questions answered

Convertible Bras

 Bra Shopping Tip

We get it, shopping for bras can be hard work and time consuming.

But seriously, investing a little time in the change room trying on different styles (and sizes) to get one that you love is worth it.

Why? Bra styles, fabrics and sizes can vary A LOT from one lingerie manufacturer to another. 

Recommendation:  Avoid the temptation of scooping up the first cute bra you see, hoping it will be okay. 

Bandeau Bra - Great Year-Round Looks

A flexible style that can be worn year-round under everything from sundresses, to cocktail wear, the bandeau bra is a must-have for your intimate apparel collection.

>> More about bandeau bras

Bandeau Bras

The Best Minimizer Bra Styles 

For those occasions when you don't want to show off your bustline and instead want a subtler silhouette, minimizer bras are a golden solution. 

>> See our top 5 picks

Minimizer Bras

Bras For Strapless Dresses

Weddings, cocktail parties, and girls' night out are all great reasons to slip into your chicest clothing and enjoy yourself. 

From casual strapless and halter tops to formal backless dresses and gowns, the perfect bra equals a sensational look.

How To Choose An Adhesive Bra

When you want to wear those plunging necklines, and nothing can show, these are the best bras to consider. 

>> Read about choosing adhesive bras

Backless Bra - The No Nos

Planning to wear a stunning backless style? Done right, the backless bra is a must-have for those special outfits that are designed to show off a plunging back. 

>> Tips on what to avoid

Backless Bra

Long Line Bra Dos And Dont's

One of the best styles for low back and midriff clothing. It's easy to coax your curves into your best shape yet in a long line bra.

>> Tips on a smooth shape

How To Choose Plus Size Strapless Bras 

Strapless bras are a must-have for every lingerie fashionista who loves strapless dresses, tops and formal wear.

>> Tips on choosing the best strapless style

Lingerie And Bra Shopping

In a world where self-expression is the ultimate luxury, beautiful lingerie is a wonderful way to reflect your personal style.

Lingerie Shopping

Sexy Bras That Inspire

Demi Bra - Popular Myths And Facts

Don't let popular myths and misconceptions keep you from an exciting bra style designed to impress! Demi bras are fabulous and feminine, and perfect for your low cut dresses and clothing. 

>> Reveal the myths

Demi Bras

Balconette Bra Styles - The Need To Know Secrets

A delicate bra that works for every shape and size, combining light support with gorgeous styling. Learn the secrets of this beautiful lingerie favorite with the sweet French name.

>> All about balconette bras

Balconette Bras

Half Bras Tips And Tricks

Half cup bras are one of those sexy styles that are more versatile than you think, especially when you can mix and match them with your lingerie drawer favorites.

>> How to mix and match

Versatile Brassieres Make It Easy

Lucky us! Some bras are super versatile and can do it all. Those are the ones that are perfect for everything from lounging at home to yoga classes,. 

Camisole Bra Tips And Tricks

A secret of lingerie enthusiasts everywhere! Not only does the camisole bra keep you stylishly covered, it can be worn as a top on its own or under a sweater or blazer. 

>> How to create a great look

Camisole Bra

Looking Fabulous In A Bandeau Bra

It's easy to put your best figure forward with these simple steps for looking great in this pretty style. We share how to get the most out of popular bandeau bras.

>> Easy tips and tricks

Bandeau Bra

Sports Bras - Popular Underwire And Wirefree Styles

A love of lingerie favorite, the sports bra is one of those comfy styles that is super popular. It can be worn for everything from hiking the alps to pickleball in the park, gardening in your backyard to the yoga studio, etc.

>> Read about favorite styles

Sports Bras

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