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Bridal Lingerie - 5 Popular Myths That Plague A Bride To Be

Bridal Lingerie - In an effort to plan the perfect day, it’s easy for brides to get caught up in pleasing everyone else and forgetting about what they want for themselves.

Avoid stressing over your bridal lingerie, trying to fit into a mold that simply isn’t you, or doesn’t fit your style.

These 5 common myths put unnecessary pressure on brides to look to feel a certain way, but we’re here to shake up the expectations and show you how to find the perfect wedding lingerie for your wedding day (and beyond)!

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Bridal Lingerie Myths

Bride Lingerie needs to be ultra expensive.  While your wedding underwear should be something special, it doesn’t need to cost a fortune. You can look and feel gorgeous and glamorous without breaking the bank.

Don’t feel pressured to shop for bridal lingerie at exclusive boutiques or high-end shops, when there are pieces you’ll love at department stores and chain retailers.

Shop the sale racks and browse outside of the over-priced bridal sections to score stunning pieces that don’t blow your budget.

Bridal Corset - This one piece body cincher pushes the mid-section in and up, and really enhances your cleavage, giving you an hour glass shape. A great choice for strapless wedding dresses.

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Bridal bras and panties need to be white and frilly.  Bridal lingerie was traditionally white and feminine to symbolize a woman’s purity and virginity, but let’s face it – those outdated ideals simply don’t apply to the modern bride.

Today’s woman is blessed with the wonderful ability to choose whatever she likes. If you happen to love the white, ruffled look then by all means, go for it.

If you’re more of a minimalist, or someone who loves bold colors, or prefer a kinkier look, then choose your lingerie based on whatever style makes you feel your best, without getting hung up on how you think you should look.

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Strapless Bras - Perfect for the currently popular strapless wedding dresses. These bras come in underwire, wireless bras and even a bandeau styles for women who require less support.

You need to buy an entirely new set of wedding lingerie.  Between the undergarments for your dress, the wedding night, and the honeymoon, brides are often meant to feel that they need to buy a whole new set of lingerie.

The idea of the cost and the time needed to shop for a brand new set of intimates can be overwhelming, and simply isn’t necessary.

If you already own a gorgeous negligee, bring it along on your honeymoon, or re-wear your wedding night lingerie on your romantic getaway.

If you have a strapless bra or a stretch lace thong that will be perfect under your gown, then slip it on without worrying about buying something brand new.

Above all, your bridal lingerie should make you feel beautiful and special, and if you’ve already got the perfect pieces in your collection then consider yourself lucky and enjoy the savings and ease of one less thing to buy.

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Push up Bras - An excellent choice when you want a little "enhancement."  Pushup bras often use foam, gel or water inserts (also called "cookies") that can be adjusted depending on the amount of lift you want.

You need to have the perfect body.  Weddings are stressful enough without the bride worrying about trying to transform herself into supermodel shape.

Your bridal lingerie should be whatever flts and flatters the body you have, without being plagued by striving for a perfect body.

Your hubby-to-be loves you for you, and you should show off your unique shape in bridal lingerie that celebrates your curves and makes the most of the body you have.

He won’t be able to tear his eyes away from the beautiful lingerie that shows off your silhouette in its most stunning way.

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Backless Bras - work well with dresses that do not drop too low in front, but dip dramatically in back...when you want the back to be free of straps.

Beautiful lingerie is all for your honey.  Of course any bride wants to wear intimate apparel that will blow his mind, but this doesn’t have to mean forgetting about what you love.

Keep yourself in mind when choosing bride lingerie and wear styles that make you feel beautiful and confident.

It’s guaranteed that he’ll be head over heels with whatever you wear, especially if you exude the alluring attitude of a woman who loves the lingerie that she’s wearing.

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