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Training Bra - How To Choose The Best One For Your Tween

Training Bra - It’s exciting when the moment finally comes to introduce your tween to her first bra, but it can also be confusing and more than a little nerve-wracking. No worries, we're here to help.

From learning the best age for tween bras to choosing the nicest styles and everything in between - here, this article will help you navigate the intricate world of lingerie for teens and tweens.

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Training Bra: The Perfect Timing

We all wish there was a magical number where all girls would universally be ready for a training bra but life is never quite that simple. In reality, young girls develop at different ages. Some develop as young as 8 years old while others are well into their teen years. There is no right or wrong age.

These guides are a great starting point to ensure that your little girl has everything that she needs - from how to talk to her for the first time to behind the scenes tips and more.

Girls In Training Bras: What Is The Best Age? - It’s normal for girls (and their moms!) to be anxious about wearing their first bra. No worries, these easy ideas will help you both to remain calm.

Training Bra: How To Talk To Your Daughter For The First Time - This doesn’t have to be a hard conversation. It can be special and fun with the right know-how, which we’re sharing with you here.

Teenage Bra: The Behind The Scenes Confidential - We’re taking you right to the reality of teen bras as we share our top secrets. From shopping tips to finding the perfect style, follow along for the inside scoop.

Preteen Lingerie:  Mixed Emotions

Bras and any kind of lingerie can be a really sensitive subject for young girls. It's a new world and completely unknown. We’ve seen all of the ups and downs and emotions imaginable and are here to help calm even the most nervous girls with these tips and tricks.

The Training Bra: How To Avoid A Catastrophe - Bra shopping with an emotional preteen has the potential to be a disaster, but the good news is it doesn’t have to be. Follow along as we show you how to turn it into a fun experience for both of you.

10 Exciting And Easy Teen Bra Secrets - From helping your daughter find her personal style to discovering amazing options, here is how to take the guesswork out of teen bras and make buying a bra an experience that’s enjoyable and fun for both of you.

Bra Shopping Advice

Happy time is here!  Once you’ve gotten the initial conversation out of the way it’s time to hit the shops together and have some serious fun shopping and picking out just the best lingerie that will make both of you happy. Here’s how to do it to guarantee success.

Lingerie For Young Teens - The Best Styles That Will Make Her Smile - Finally, the heavy lifting is out of the way and it’s time to have some fun!  Now that your preteen is ready for bras, she’s ready to start exploring the world of exciting and pretty lingerie.

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Did You Know?

Most young girls start wearing brassieres or "first bras" between the age of 10 and 13...some develop breasts as early as age 8, some much later and well into their teens.

Tackling The Basics Of Girls Bras

Still not sure about preteen lingerie and the scary new can of worms?  Don't panic.  Just keep reading - from training bras 101 to easy fundamentals and 10 things you need to know, these behind the scenes guides will clear up the cobwebs and give you more information.

Training Bras 101: What You Need To Know - This is the perfect starting point for moms who are just beginning to think about bras for their daughters. It's easy to get a grasp on the basics with this tell-all guide.

Little Girls In Training Bras: 5 Easy And Important Fundamentals - Here is your all-in-one fact sheet with everything you need to know about buying bras for your daughter. Discover The Important Fundamentals.

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Bra Fit Tip

Some parents prefer to take their daughters to a professional lingerie fitter - this is a good idea as a fitter can suggest a variety of bra styles in the right size.

Professional bra fitters can be found in most department stores, specialty lingerie stores and some teen boutiques.

Teen Lingerie:  Making The Moment Special

Buying a girl her first bra is a special moment, a snapshot in time that you’ll both always remember. Here are some final suggestions on how to make it something that she'll look back on with great memories for many years to come.

Little Girls In Training Bras: How To Make It Easy And Fun - Treat your little girl to a special day that you’ll both love. Our simple tips and tricks will have you well on your way to creating the perfect experience for both of you. 

Lingerie For Teenagers Secrets - Every girl needs to know these lingerie essentials in order to shop smart and find the perfect styles. Nothing is held back in this must-read guide.