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Vanity Fair Lingerie - All You Need To Know

Vanity Fair Lingerie – Mittens and intimate apparel? It may be somewhat of a stretch to imagine what two completely different things have in common. But, when it comes to one of the most popular lingerie brands in the United States, there's a lot!

Established back in 1899, the Reading Glove & Mitten Manufacturing Company, better known today as Vanity Fair or VF, was originally created to manufacture - you guessed it - mittens and gloves.

Vanity Fair Lingerie

Fast forward a hundred years and Vanity Fair lingerie has shifted from warmwear to intimate apparel, becoming a juggernaut in the world of bras, panties, camis, slips, nightgowns and robes.

What's the appeal of Vanity Fair bras and lingerie?  Classic options that are feminine, versatile and affordably priced, making them great for everyday wear.

Vanity Fair Bra

Here, we take a closer look at the secret to their success - from the best bras for your shape to fit fundamentals, plus inside tips and tricks that make this brand a Love-of-Lingerie favorite.

Vanity Fair Lingerie Shopping

Whether you’re lingerie shopping online or in person, VF offers an extensive range of coordinated collections designed for a variety of silhouettes and clothing needs.

And, while they're better known for plain and practical, they do offer a smaller selection of styles with low key details for a dressier look. As always with VF, every brassiere is designed with comfort and the best fit in mind.

The Fundamentals

Times have changed, especially when it comes to beautiful lingerie.  And, contrary to popular belief, today's basics no longer have to be frumpy to be functional.

From flattering styles and sizes to a comfortable fit and more, we take a closer look at what a Vanity Fair bra offers today's busy woman on the go. 

>> Tips on the fundamentals

Everyday Favorites

With an extensive variety of styles that includes versatile wirefree and underwire bras, VF has lingerie undergarments for virtually all of your favorite clothing in your closet. 

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Popular Styles

Have you ever stood in front of a huge rack of lingerie at the store and wondered which ones are your best options and why?  You know, the ones that look great no matter what you decide to wear?

No worries. In this article, we go behind the scenes for a closer look at some of VF's most popular styles and what they can be worn with.

From front closure and sports bras to contour bras and more, discover what these styles can do for you. 

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Seamless Bra

Vanity Fair Panties

Let's face it, no one wants undies that constantly pull and need adjusting throughout the busy day. A great fit matters, no matter what style you're most comfortable wearing.

Whether you’re a classic full brief enthusiast who prefers simple and seamless undies in neutral colors or you like something with a bit more pizzazz like bikini panties in leopard print or hot pink, Vanity Fair lingerie offers womens underwear for every occasion and preference. 

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Fun Facts

While Vanity Fair Lingerie is best known for comfy, affordably priced essentials, they also have a really interesting connection to WWII.

During the Second Word War, silk, which was widely used at that time in intimate apparel, was no longer available.

Faced with this challenge, Vanity Fair began using rayon as a substitute. This eventually led to the introduction of the innovative lightweight fabric that is widely used today - nylon tricot.

T Shirt Bras

Bras Lingerie - Style Secrets

Have you ever wondered which full bras offer the best support for larger busts without looking old fashioned or matronly?  Or, how to pick the best styles that camouflage little lumps and bumps for a smoother look?

Styles By Shape

Did you know that one of the best ways to get a great fit is by choosing bra styles that are designed to work with your shape?

Whether you like front close bras or full cup bras, there are options for every silhouette - the secret is knowing what to look for.  

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Bras With Great Support

Do you wear a C cup size or larger and want a comfortable brassiere that's dependable for everyday wear - the kind that you reach for again and again?

From full coverage in C cup to minimizers in DDD, Vanity Fair lingerie has some of the best full bras in a comprehensive range of sizes in both underwire and wirefree styles.  

>> Styles with great support

Did You Know?

One of the most popular styles for fuller busts is a minimizer bra.

Cleverly designed to redistribute breast tissue and make your breasts appear up to an inch and a half smaller, it's a great choice for buttoned and tank tops, and tightly-fitted clothing.  

Smoothing Styles

Looking for that hard to find combination of a smoother style that's tailored and supportive but not too heavy or constrictive?

Easy-fitting with focused side and back panels, Vanity Fair lingerie offers full bras designed with the latest in cutting edge technology.

Soft and comfortable stretch fabrics such as microfiber support your girls while concealing pesky problems like back bumps and bulges for a polished look and comfortable feel. 

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Specialty Styles

A day-to-day favorite bra? Absolutely! Having said that, Vanity Fair lingerie may not be the first brand that comes to mind when you're planning to wear a special occasion low cut top or dress, or strapless gown.

Surprise! VF does more than just the basics. They're also a great choice for specialty clothing that calls for plunge bras and strapless bras, and are most definitely worth taking a look at.

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Vanity Fair brassieres

Quick Quiz

What do intimate apparel favorites, Vanity Fair Lingerie and Fruit of the Loom bras have in common with the mega-billionaire and philanthropist, Warren Buffet?

Both companies are owned by the multinational company, Berkshire Hathaway, which is owned by Warren Buffett.

Strapless Bras

Shopping Guide

Getting ready to head to the store or to open your laptop and shop online and wondering where to start? No worries.

From what to do before you leave your home or start browsing online, to taking a closer look at fabrics, fit and more, follow along as we share some of our best bra and lingerie shopping tips and tricks to make your shopping experience much easier, and dare we say it - enjoyable.

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Camisole Bra Guide

Looking for a sleeveless top or tank that offers enough support and coverage, and can be worn without a separate bra?

A camisole with a built-in underwire or wirefree bra is an ultimate closet workhorse.

A camisole bra is a super versatile option that can be worn with everything from casual favorites like jeans and yoga pants to business suits and formal wear.

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