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Womens Panties - The Best Styles For A Great Look

Womens Panties - Whether you plan on making a grand entrance or you're dressing for weekend casual, one of the last things to think about is what kind of undergarments you're wearing underneath.

Like behind the scenes magic, the right womens panties can make the world of difference.

The wrong ones can (and let's be honest, most of us have experienced it at point or another) turn a dress to impress moment into “I can’t believe she wore that.” 

The solution? Not getting caught off guard. 

Once you've made the important choice of what you're going to wear, selecting the right undergarments is the next step.

Here, we take a closer look at some of the most popular panty styles - from high cut panties and boyshorts to briefs and thongs - plus inside tips for your best look yet.

Womens Panties - A Behind The Scenes Look

  • Ladies Briefs - How to go from simple to sensational (it's easier than you think)
  • Panty Girdle - The best ways to conquer the dreaded muffin top
  • Satin Panty - Mistakes that you definitely need to avoid

Womens Panties - When Coverage Counts

Whether you're considering a sleek and sophisticated dress by Erdem, your favorite knitwear or anything in between, some clothing calls for more coverage with a smooth or seamless fit. 

Which style? No worries. From briefs to high cut panties, padded panties to girdles, this panty guide can help you make the best choice.

Ladies Briefs - Also known as the boring basic of the intimate apparel world, these underestimated panties have a reputation of plain jane and practical.

But, did you know that with a few quick tips these briefs can go from simple to sensational? From colors that we crave to mix and match, it's easier than you think. How to look special.

High Cut Panties - Of the many exciting panty styles that offer fuller coverage, high cut panties offer the best of both worlds - sophisticated styling with a comfortable fit. 

A favorite among women of all shapes and sizes, these undies offer a flattering look and tailored fit that's simply second to none.  Behind the scenes secrets.

Padded Panties - Ever wonder how some women seem to have such a stunning shape that includes a curvy derriere? For many the insider secret is padded panties. 

From defining the waist and ensuring the right fit to choosing the best clothes, we share how easy it is to enhance what nature intended. Learn more about these popular panties.

Panty Girdle - Most of us have struggled with the dreaded muffin top at one point or another. Think it's impossible to fix?  Think again.

All you need is a dash of determination, an atom of advice and the right beautiful lingerie for a smooth and sophisticated look that will conquer the muffin top once and for all.  Banish the muffin top for good.

bikini panties

Did You Know?

For any kind of womens panties to be invisible and to avoid the dreaded visible panty line, undies need to be made from a fine stretchy fabric in a neutral color and texture that will not show through.

Ladies Panties With Panache

Tired of the same old ho hum undies day after day?  Looking for a touch of glamor? Get ready to kick it up a notch and take your routine from meh to marvelous.

These tips and tricks go beyond the everyday panty basics and show how to make your regular rotation surprisingly sensational.

Satin Panty - With a reputation that's gorgeous and glamorous with a hint of luxury, every woman should have at least one pair of satin panties tucked in her lingerie drawer. 

From the wrong fit to saving them just for special occasions, we've put together a list of the underwear errors to steer clear of.  Mistakes to avoid.

Boy Short Panties - Often referred to as the perfect panty, boyshorts provide a trendy, modern look with an amazing fit. Virtually every intimate apparel manufacturer offers a variety of styles that are sure to please. 

From Victorias Secret to Jockey, Maidenform to Calvin Klein, there's something for everyone.  Check out some of the best brands.

Womens Thongs - Who can forget Sisqo's infamous thong song? From Madonna to Britney Spears, these womens panties have a reputation that's sexy, sassy and sensational. 

But, did you know that they work well under just about any type of clothing, don't leave a VPL, and are an ideal shopping companion?  Uncover the secrets.

Hipster Panty - Designed to sit comfortably at hip level so they won't peek over your waistband, hipster panties are the popular choice for many of today's low cut pants, shorts and skirts.

Offering more coverage than bikini panties and less than high cut panties, these mid-rise womens panties flatter almost every silhouette.  How to get the best fit. 

Hi Cut Panty Brands

Hi Cut Panties - Not sure which brands and hi cut styles offer the best fit? Or, are great for everyday wear? Or, are stylish and sophisticated?

No worries. From briefs and bikinis, to boyshorts and hipsters, there's a fantastic variety of styles and brands that are sure to please. Learn more.