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Bra Sizes - How To Get It Right

Bra sizes - Lingerie Supermodels like Gisele Bundchen know that one of the best kept insider secrets to looking runway fantastic involves more than just slipping on a beautiful bra and panty set.

While bra styles, fabrics, textures, and colours are all about the glitz and glam, the real magic of beautiful lingerie actually takes place behind the scenes, starting with an invisible but super important great fit.

Sound confusing? No worries - it’s  easier than you think. From petites to plus sizes, follow along as we reveal the ins and outs of bra sizes, plus the do’s and dont’s of styles and fit, and how to achieve an amazing look, no matter what you’re wearing.

Bra Sizes From A To DDD - The  Fundamentals

  • 32A bras - petite secrets that will surprise you

  • 34A bras - how to get the best fit of your life
  • 36a bras - insider tips that will amaze you
  • 38A bras - how to get hard to fit sizes
  • AA bras - how to get affordable styles
  • B cup bra - insider guide to the most popular styles
  • C bras - expert tips on how to look great
  • D bras - how to pick the best styles for your shape (it’s easier than you think)
  • DD bras - the ultimate secrets that will make a big difference (and your life easier)
  • DDD bras - the subtle art of the most amazing fit (that will surprise you)

Bra Sizes For A Cups And Petites

Women with petite frames can feel swamped in regular bras that aren’t specially designed for smaller silhouettes.

While finding the right bra size that looks fantastic and fits well can often seem next to impossible, it doesn’t have to be.

From hard to find sizes to petite secrets, these simple tips and tricks will show you how to master the wonderful world of petite bras.

  • 32A bras - whether you’re tall and willowy or petite and popular, it’s easy to master the art of savoir faire with these insider secrets that will help yu look amazing no matter what your silhouette. Get the 411.
  • 34a bras - the days of ill fitting, unattractive bras are a distant memory with this expert step by step guide on how to find the best bra fit of your life. Explore the steps.

  • 36a bras - from bra straps and cups to bra bands and petite brands, we’ve got you covered with the lingerie low down that will showcase your silhouette in the best possible light. Learn how.
  • 38a bras - from where to find those hard to get sizes that seem to be impossible to find to when to shop, we reveal the expert bra shopping secrets that will make your life easier. Uncover the essentials.
  • AA bras - From underwire bras to wire free bras, it’s easy peasy to save money no matter what bra styles you love to wear with these clever tips and tricks. Learn how to save.

Did You Know?

By mastering the essentials of a great bra fit, you can look lankier, leaner, and curvaceous in all the right places.

bras lingerie

Bra Sizes For B and C Cup Bras

Whether you’re a classic 34b or a fuller 36c, a stunning look involves more than simply choosing a pretty push up bra or crave worthy contour bra in your favorite colour.

From the inside buzz on styles with an easy fit to looking great, discover what yu need to know about the most popular bra sizes for a gorgeous and enviable silhouette.

  • B cup bra - we bet that you didn’t know the B cup bra is still one of the most popular sizes on the market. Whether it’s a simple sports bra for working out or a strapless bra for a summer dress, this style guide will give you the easy basics that you need. Explore the styles.
  • C bras - before hitting the stores to do a little bra shopping for this season’s fresh new lingerie favorites, check out these expert essentials on how to look fantastic no matter which style you choose. Discover the tips to try before you buy.

Bra Sizes For D, DD and DDD Cups

For busty women, getting the correct bra size is just as important as choosing the right bra style.

Whether it’s bra bands and straps that stay in place or cups with a tailor made fit for your girls, going through your busy day with an ultra comfy brassiere is an important fundamental of looking great. Read on for the surprising secrets.

  • D bras - It’s time to ditch your doubts about larger bras and intimate apparel. The best D bras are amazingly stylish and comfortable to wear, no matter what your shape or size. Read on for a behind the scenes look.
  • DDD bras - love beautiful bras but think larger cup sizes just can’t pull it off? It’s time to banish out of date images of matronly or industrial support bras and seize your beautiful curves as never before. Get the 411 here.