Backless Bras Are A
Bridal Bra Must Have!

Backless bras are the perfect compliment to bridal gowns with revealing backs. And, while these types of bras are the ideal bride lingerie, after the wedding, these bridal bras can also be worn beneath other types of formal wear.

There are two principal types of backless bras - adhesive bras, and bras with modified bottom bands.

Each bridal bra has advantages and drawbacks, and the best choice for a specific bride depends on her body type and the cut of her wedding dress.

Adhesive backless bras are designed to be worn beneath the most revealing wedding gowns.

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Backless Bras Are A Must Have For Strapless

Many of these gowns are couture creations that have absolutely no back: the fabric stops directly above the derriere.

Usually, the skimpier the bridal gown, the skimpier the brassiere that is worn beneath it.

Some brides will simply wear pasties or an adhesive bra that just covers the nipples, while others choose a set of adhesive connected bra cups that help create some cleavage.

The principal behind all adhesive bras is the same: there are no bra straps or back bands, so the brassiere stays in place with an adhesive.

bridal bras are frequently washable, but have limited wear before the adhesive wears out, so they are usually sold in boxes containing multiple bras.

The second group of backless bras involves a non-adhesive lingerie undergarment that has an extended, serpentine lower belt that wraps around the abdomen and fastens somewhere near the navel.

These may be strapless bras or may have small shoulder straps; these are often removable.

Because these backless bras are designed with a lower band, they are not suitable for wear with the more revealing wedding gowns.

However, these strapless backless bras are are an excellent choice for many brides who want more support than an adhesive bra, and whose low-backed dresses are not cut so low as to preclude wearing any type of back band.

The advantage of brassieres and bridal undergarments is that the lowered band will pull the breasts downward, creating a saggy or droopy look.

However, this is usually not a problem for women who wear an A or B cup.

Women who are more buxom are advised to consider dresses that can accommodate more traditional full bras or plus size bras so that they do not have to go without vital support on a day that will be so immortalized in photographs and video.

Because backless bras do not offer the same uplift and support as their traditional counterparts, it is important to opt for a bra style that still provides the silhouette you desire.

Most modern women prefer a rounded bustline; this is easily obtained through the use of molded or contoured cups in padded push up bras.

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The bra cups of push up bras are made from a firm material (usually soft and flexible foam or gel) that makes the breasts conform to it, rather than the other way around.

pushup bras create a fabulous silhouette without the need for shoulder straps.

The use of molded bra cups also ensures that even large, prominent nipples are invisible.

Women who do not have access to backless bras with molded cups may choose to wear tape or Band-Aids over their nipples, and then put the brassiere on over that.

This keeps the nipples from showing through the fabric of the wedding gown and creating an embarrassing moment in bridal pictures.

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