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What Backless Bras Are The Best For Bridal Dresses?

What Backless Bras Are The Best For Bridal Dresses? - Whether it’s your wedding gown or holiday cocktail attire – today's chicest clothing demands bras that can work with any configuration of necklines, strap and back styles.

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But, not all specialty bras are created equal. From longline bras and backless strapless bras to convertible bras, there are a multitude of styles.

Some work for different silhouettes, a few brands are more flexible than others, and of course various styles suit different bridal dresses - which makes navigating the options a little tricky.

Here, a few simple tips on how to determine which backless bras are the best - from giving them a try to lingerie reviews - for you.

How To Determine Which Backless Bras Are Best

Try Them

Eyeballing any type of bra in the package isn’t the same as trying it on.

Bring a photo of your dress with you when bra shopping so you can compare a few styles. Narrow your choices to two or three that fit your criteria.

Take a few extra moments to bring the bras into the fitting room and give them a try. Make note of the ones that are more comfortable and easy to move around in - keeping in mind that a wedding day can be very long. 

Finally, bras fit differently on everyone. As tempting as it may be to grab the first bra you see, take the time you need to see how a style works with your silhouette before bringing it home.

Ask Friends Which Types Of Bras They Wear

Word of mouth is a great way to narrow the field of choices when it comes to picking the best backless bra.

Friends love sharing styling tips and tricks, so don’t hesitate to ask your bestie what works for them.

Ask your friends what styles they're wearing and why they like (or don't like) them - especially friends with a similar bust size and body shape to yours.

Alternatively, if you’re out and about, and see a woman whose clothing clearly calls for a backless bra, don’t be shy about discreetly complimenting her look and asking her what type of bra she’s wearing (and where she bought it).

Talk To The Pros

Not only are lingerie professionals knowledgeable about different styles and brands, but they’re also privy to inside information (and tips) such as what -

  • backless bras are best for bridal and formal wear
  • their best sellers are (and why)
  • styles are a great fit
  • styles work well for your dress style

Get friendly with a sales person to get the inside scoop on which backless bras are the most popular. This is a great way to save a lot of time and effort - by tapping into the expertise of the experts.

Love of Lingerie Tip

Strapless longline bras with push up padding tucked along the bottom of contoured cups can boost cleavage significantly.

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Try On Different Styles

While you might have one style in mind, it never hurts to look at different options.

From longline bras with low, plunging backs to adhesive bras and pasties, there are a ton of styles to choose from when looking for an excellent backless bra.

Keep your options open.  Sometimes what you initially dismissed might turn out to be a better choice for your shape, and you won’t know what works until you hit the fitting room and start trying bras.

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Bring It To Life

The mannequin in the store may just be standing still, but you certainly won’t be, so make sure to give any backless bra you’re considering a real life test drive.

Move around in the fitting room to ensure that it stays securely in place, and bring along a top or dress that you’ll be wearing it with so you can make sure you’re getting the shape you want.

And no matter what, make sure you feel confident and comfortable enough in the style that you choose.

Read Bridal Lingerie Reviews

The Internet is a powerful tool when it comes to making smart bra shopping choices - it's like shopping the world.

Read up on reviews of specific styles, or do a search for the best backless bras and see what comes up.

Reviews are an absolute goldmine when it comes to bras and lingerie.  Take full advantage of other people’s opinions, experiences, comments, and favorites to help guide you to make the best choice for you.