Insiders Guide To Bridal Bra Secrets

The right or wrong bridal bra can quite literally make or break a wedding dress. So, why does bride lingerie have such a big impact on how a bridal dress looks and feels?

A brassiere, corset or bridal bustier that is poorly fitted, an inappropriate bra size or even fabric can create serious problems in the fit and appearance of the wedding dress.

Thankfully, modern brides have access to a huge variety of bridal lingerie and intimate apparel that can help them look and feel fabulous on the happiest day of their lives.

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Bridal Bra

It is important to remember that the fit and function of a bridal brassiere is far more important than its appearance.

Bridal bras are intended to function under the wedding dress, and are usually not part of the sexy, alluring honeymoon lingerie the bride wears on her wedding night.

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Keeping this in mind, it is not necessary for bridal lingerie to be white, lacy, or sheer.

In fact, many of the most useful bridal undergarments are made from smooth, elastic fabrics and are intended to provide a close match to the bride’s skin tone.

A skin-tone lingerie undergarment virtually disappears beneath outer clothing; the last thing a bride wants is for her bra or panties to be visible in her wedding photographs!

African American women with darker complexions may choose black undergarments; however, most dark-skinned women are better served by a dark brown color instead.

Which brassiere, bustier or bridal corset should you choose?

The proper style of brassiere, bustier or corset is largely determined by the cut of the wedding dress.

For example, a halter-neck wedding gown will need to be paired with a strapless bra or one that has adjustable straps that can be set to a halter configuration.

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A truly backless gown often precludes wearing a traditional bra at all.

Brides with these wedding gowns may elect to wear an adhesive bra to ensure that their nipples remain invisible beneath the fabric.

These bras may have adhesive bra cups, or an adhesive lower band that ends on the sides of the torso.

Brides who want to increase the size of their bust or enhance their cleavage on their wedding day should consider padded or push up bras.

There are many types available, including brassieres with gel inserts that mimic both the texture and temperature of real breast tissue.

All wedding bras should be worn to each dress fitting so that the tailor can accurately alter the dress.

This is particularly important with padded bras as many of these bra styles add several inches to the bust measurement.

Remember that the most important aspect of bras, bustiers, corsets, panties and even garter belts is how they perform beneath the wedding gown.

Above all, these undergarments should create a smooth silhouette beneath the dress and provide flattering shaping and control where necessary.

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