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Why Bridal Nightgowns Are So Surprisingly Uncomfortable

Why Bridal Nightgowns Are Surprisingly Uncomfortable - No one expects their bridal nightie to be as cozy as wearing his faded t-shirt and your worn-in flannel pj pants, but this doesn’t mean they need to be totally uncomfortable either.

Understanding the reasons behind why wedding nightgowns are often a pain to wear will help you when you hit the stores to buy your own nightie for your special celebration.

Avoid these common pitfalls that make bridal nightgowns uncomfortable and find one that makes you feel effortless and beautiful on your big day.

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Why Bridal Nightgowns Are So Uncomfortable

A Nightgown That's Too Tight

Sure, men love curves, but your new hubby won’t want you stuffing yourself into a style that makes you look and feel like you’ll burst out of it.

You want to display your curves in a tasteful way that gives your honey a hint of what’s underneath, and a style that’s too snug can look tacky, not to mention feel totally uncomfortable.

Give yourself a little bit of breathing room in a bridal nightgown that’s fitted but lets you cozy up to your sweetie without fear of splitting your seams.

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Fabric Fundamentals

Intimate apparel fabrics such as lace, chiffon, satin, and silk are extremely popular. A silk nightgown or satin nightgown is completely opaque, but both feel extremely sensual against the skin.

Straying From Classic Sleepwear

While not physically uncomfortable, donning a bridal nightgown that doesn’t work with your personal style will only make you feel awkward instead of alluring.

If you’re a minimalist, then a nighty trimmed with bows, ribbons, and ruffles will feel totally out of place.

Or, if you favor a pretty and romantic style, an over sexy and edgy piece will make you feel shy and exposed in all the wrong ways.

Pick a nightgown that suits your style and makes you feel confident and beautiful. When you’re comfortable and relaxed he’ll find you to be your most beautiful.

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Bridal Nightgowns Are Too Fussy

Your bridal nightgown should invite your hubby to come closer, not intimidate him with overly complicated details.

Choose a nightie that’s as easy to slip on as it is to slip off. Styles with too many crisscrossing straps, hook & eye closures, tiny buttons, or ties means you’ll spend forever putting it on, and he’ll be at a total loss on how to approach it.

Focus on celebrating your commitment instead of letting your lingerie dominate the night when you pick a style that’s effortless and enticing with its softness and simplicity.

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Sleepwear That's Too Structured

Wedding gowns and the beautiful lingerie that we wear underneath aren’t exactly known for being very comfortable.

After being held into a corseted dress and supportive lingerie all day, you’ll be dreading an uncomfortable bridal nightgown with too much structure.

Steer clear of excessive boning, corsetry, padding, and underwire in favor of something softer and easier to wear.

You’ll breathe a sigh of relief at slipping into a nightie that feels a little looser and more luxurious to wear than one that’s too structured and rigid.

Bridal Nightgowns Are In Uncomfortable Fabric

Itchy lace, sweaty polyester, and stiff tulle are all no-nos for beautiful bridal nightgowns.

If you’re scratching and squirming in your lingerie it takes away from the intimate and celebratory mood. Keep the romance the focal point of the night by selecting soft and sumptuous fabrics that feel like a dream and invite your honey snuggle up

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