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Bridal Panties - The 5 Scary Mistakes No One Mentions

Bridal Panties - No one wants to commit a fashion faux pas, especially not a bride on her wedding day, when you’re supposed to look and feel your most beautiful.

Oh so important but often forgotten, wedding undergarments are the key to a perfect silhouette. Don’t let the wrong bridal panties ruin your look or make you feel anything less than flawless.

Here, we share the 5 underwear mistakes and no-nos that every bride should steer clear of on her big day.

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Bridal Panties That Create A VPL

What's a VPL, you may ask? Visible panty lines, or VPLs, are a dreaded no-no for any woman, and your wedding day is no exception.

Keep in mind that everything matters - yes, even something as simple as a pair of panties.

Don’t spend your time and money looking perfect in your wedding dress only to have the outline of your panties showing through when you least expect it.

How can you avoid this problem?

  • Delicate fabrics, bias cuts, and ultra fine silks and satins need equally wispy or smooth seamless panties with a low profile for a discreet look
  • Consider a seamless thong in lightweight microfiber with laser edges and no bulky elastic for an invisible finish
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Did You Know?

Ball gowns and A-line wedding dresses allow for a great variety of undies - from  low rise panties and bikinis to thongs and tanga panties.

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Not Trying On Panties Before The Wedding

What might look like the prettiest pair of bridal panties on the rack may end up to be a nightmare to wear. We’ve all owned a pair of underwear that’s itchy, pinches, are too tight, or a pair that rides up.

Why risk such a pair on your big day? You can’t fully tell how a pair of panties will fit and feel until you try them on, so make sure you test them out ahead of time.

If they’re at all uncomfortable then consider another pair. You won’t want to spend the night fussing with, or even thinking about your panties when you could be enjoying your big day.

Trying To Conform With Bridal Lingerie

While bridal lingerie is traditionally white and lacy, by no means does this mean you need to wear panties that aren’t “you”.

This is your special day, and a modern bride should choose the styles that suit her style and make her feel like her most fabulous self.

Choose a pair of bridal panties that are special and beautiful but still work with your signature style.

There’s no need to overdose on ruffles if you’re more of a minimalist, so shop around until you find the bridal lingerie that you want to wear instead of focusing on what you think you should wear.


Fitted mermaid or sheath style bridal gowns can often benefit from womens shapewear favorites like Spanx shapewear, Flexees shapewear, and Rago shapwear.

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Blowing Your Savings On Expensive Wedding Lingerie

Of course your bridal lingerie should be special and make you feel pretty and pampered, but keep it within reason.

You can choose a lovely pair of panties at a modest cost, which is a much better idea than spending a fortune on high-end underwear that you’ll probably never wear again.

Your groom will likely only seen them for a few seconds before he sweeps you off your feet, so blowing your savings on overpriced designer panties is an investment that simply doesn’t pay off.

Instead, choose a pair of mid-range underwear that’s pretty and romantic, but save the big splurges on nighties or bras that you’ll wear on your honeymoon and will become a regular part of your lingerie rotation.

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Ignoring Your Lingerie Wants & Needs

Of course you want to look stunning for your sweetie, choose panties that are comfortable, and find a pair that doesn’t break the bank, but don’t forget to think about your own wants and needs too.

After all, this is your special day and your time to feel your most beautiful and glamorous, so choose bridal panties that you adore and make you feel gorgeous.

Chances are, he’ll love whatever you slip on, so put yourself first when choosing your underpinnings and you’ll exude a sense of beauty and confidence that makes you feel more special than ever.

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