Strapless Backless Bras
Are Great Bridal Bras!

Strapless backless bras are the saving grace for a bride who has chosen one of the increasingly popular backless wedding dresses.

Most of these wedding gowns are sleeveless, although some have simple spaghetti straps or cap sleeves.

The back is typically low cut with some styles even skimming the top of the derriere.

Because the bride’s back is completely exposed, wearing a traditional bridal bra is not an option.

However, almost all women look better when wearing a brassiere and the appropriate intimate apparel, which creates a conundrum when it comes to revealing wedding dresses.

Thankfully, strapless backless bras are able to offer the desired silhouette without compromising the cut of the wedding dress.

Strapless Backless Bras Are A Great Option

Strapless backless bras are are held in place by adhesive.

Some adhesive bra styles have adhesive on the inside of the cups, while others have an adhesive lower band and a pair of “wings” that end on either side of the ribs.

Many of these adhesive bras are reusable and even washable; however, these bridal undergarments do lose their effectiveness after a set number of washes (usually somewhere between 30 and 40, depending on the adhesive).

strapless backless bras

While these bridal bras keep nipples invisible and provide a certain amount of shaping, they simply cannot provide the level of support and lift offered by full bras.

For these reasons, very buxom women who are accustomed to wearing full figured bras or plus size bras should consider other wedding gown styles that allow the bride to wear a more supportive brassiere and bride lingerie.

Buxom and plus-size women who are eager to show their backs should consider a halter style wedding dress, which may dip low in the back but supports the breasts with a frontal bodice that fastens behind the neck.

strapless bras

Many halter dresses have a simple pair of bra cups sewn into them, similar to the way many ladies’ swimsuits are constructed.

These types of bras keep the front silhouette smooth and provide a degree of breast support. However, women with very large breasts may find that the stress placed on the neck strap can cause neck pain.

A simple strapless dress may be the best compromise; these wedding gowns leave the shoulders and arms bare, as well as a portion of the upper back.

However, most brides are able to comfortably wear a strapless bra or plus size strapless bra beneath such a dress, with excellent results.

Women who do not want to wear a fully adhesive bra may opt to wear pasties instead.

These are adhesive nipple covers that provide no support, but ensure that the wearer’s nipples do not disrupt the exterior surface of the wedding dress.

bridal bras

Many pasties are vibrantly colored and may even have tassels or other ornamentation; this is because they were originally intended to wear by burlesque dancers.

Brides should eschew the fancy, colorful type of pasty and pick a smooth, simple style that matches their skin tone as closely as possible. Very fair brides may even cover their nipples with Band-Aids and achieve fantastic results.

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