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Strapless Backless Bras Are They The Best Choice?

Strapless Backless Bras Are They Really The Best Choice?  You may have thought that finding the bridal dress of your dreams was the tough part - but, nailing the right lingerie undergarments can be even more daunting.

One of the best options for today’s bride is the strapless backless bra, providing just enough coverage without showing through delicate dresses, and this is a style that many women turn to for their big day.

Before you automatically choose this style for your wedding lingerie, take a moment to consider the advantages and disadvantages of strapless backless bras to determine if they really are the best option for your wedding gown.

Strapless Backless Bras Are A Great Option - The Advantages

Sometimes strapless backless bras are the only option. Whether your dress is totally backless, swathed in sheer tulle, or has a plunging neckline, sometimes there simply isn’t any other style of bra that will work.

A strapless backless bra is the only style that will work with many of today’s unique dress designs. If your dress features barely-there design details then you’ll love the hint of coverage you get from this style as well as the low risk of bra exposure.

Strapless bras are better than going braless. While you may usually crave a little more support and lift from a bra, the backless strapless bra might be the only option that works with your bridal gown other than going without a bra all together.

If this is the case, then even though there’s not much to this skimpy style, it’s still a better bet than going braless.

We love the light support and the coverage that you’ll get from a strapless backless style, keeping your dress from being too sheer in the bust and preventing giving your guests more of an eyeful than you want.

Adhesive Bra 411

Many adhesive bras are reusable and even washable; however, these bridal undergarments lose their effectiveness after a set number of washes.

These bridal bras are versatile under any dress, neckline, or cut. If you’re buying your bridal lingerie before you’ve made the final choice on your dress, or before your dress has arrived, you can rest assured that a convertible backless strapless bra that gives you several choices should work nicely, no matter the style, neckline, or design of your dress.

You can always change to another bra style if you decide to, but you can be certain that a strapless backless convertible bra will work, no matter what, giving you one less worry before your big day.

Did You Know?

Backless bras have an adhesive on the inside of the cups, bra band, and "wings" that enable it to stay firmly in place.

This is wedding lingerie that you can wear after the wedding.  Strapless backless bras are one of the best styles to have tucked away in your lingerie drawer.  You can wear this bra again and again with any number of tops or dresses in your closet.

Take it on your honeymoon and slip it on under anything from sundresses to cocktail attire.

Or, if you’re planning a wardrobe change in between your wedding ceremony and reception, this style will work under both dresses, so you don’t need to change your lingerie undergarments too.

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Strapless Backless Bras - The Disadvantages

Function over fashion.  Strapless backless bras are versatile, multi-tasking, and a necessity for many brides, but they’re not necessarily the prettiest option for bridal lingerie.

This bra style is usually more focused on function and is simpler in its appearance compared to prettier bridal bras. If you’re in the mood for fancier beautiful lingerie or a feminine, lacy look, this may not be the best style choice for you.

Not supportive enough for all sizes.  Full-busted brides may shy away from strapless backless bras because they simply don’t offer enough support and lift.

If you’re a full figured bride you might want to consider other options to wear under your dress so that you don’t have to compromise comfort or the coverage you need for a larger bust.


Brides who do not want to wear an adhesive bra may opt to wear pasties instead. These are adhesive nipple covers that provide no support, but ensure that the nipples do not show through the wedding dress.

Not as easily available. Walk into any lingerie shop or department store and there are traditional strapless bras, convertible bras, corsets, and bustiers galore.

If you’re looking for a backless strapless bra, you may have a harder time tracking one down, depending on the retailers and stock that's available in your area.

Brides may have to shop online or in specialty boutiques to find these types of bras. When you do track them down, often there are minimal choices for color, and they can be harder to find in petite or plus sizes.