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To Wedding Underwear

Choosing the appropriate wedding underwear and bride lingerie is crucial to staying comfortable on your wedding day.

The wrong bra sizes or types of bras can cause pinching, binding, chafing, and other adverse effects that can easily distract the bride on this most special of days.

When possible, it is best to purchase bridal panties and bridal undergarments in several styles and decide on the most comfortable after a trial wear.

Stick with light colors, such as white, cream, and pastel shades; while black underwear is sexy, it is impractical under a white dress as it shows through. Better to save exotic colors for the wedding night and honeymoon lingerie instead.

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Wedding Underwear

It’s important to try potential bridal bras and bridal panties on while wearing the wedding dress; this is the only way to find which garments work best beneath your gown.

A great idea is to have a friend take flash pictures of you in each pair of underwear; the proper bridal underwear should not be visible beneath your dress, even when a bright flash is used.

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Before putting on any bridal lingerie on the day of your wedding, wash and dry it thoroughly according to the care instructions on the label.

This will soften and make it more comfortable to wear; this is especially important because the wedding day will easily have both the bride and the groom busy for over 12 hours.

It is also a good idea to have a backup pair of panties with you on the day of the wedding, just in case you need them.

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Panties are not the only form of wedding underwear.

Many brides purchase a half slip to help the skirt of their dress fit correctly. This half slip should be sprayed with an anti-static spray so that it does not cling to the interior of the wedding dress.

Brides with very full-cut dresses often elect to wear a crinoline with hoops instead of a slip.

Brides who want to enhance their shape for their wedding frequently choose to wear body shaper undergarments such as panty girdles or even boyshorts.

These are most useful when the bride’s dress is snug and clingy. To prevent bulges between the panties and bra, many women elect to wear an all-in-one shaping garment like Spanx undergarments instead of separate bras and panties.

These elastic lingerie undergarment styles are usually of the “step-in” model, which means that the bride steps into the leg holes and then pulls the undergarment up before putting the bra straps in place.

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All-in-one shapers like Spanx shapewear can provide a very high level of shaping and control; however, most styles need to be removed from the top down if the bride wishes to use the bathroom.

Brides who wear this control underwear will often remove their dress and foundation undergarments completely before heading to the bathroom; this can take a great length of time, particularly if the dress is huge and complex.

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Other shapers have a split crotch that facilitates answering nature’s call without removing any clothing.

If you feel overwhelmed by all of the wedding underwear options available to you, ask the advice of the bridal boutique that sold you your dress.

These boutiques frequently sell extensive lines of bridal lingerie and can easily point you towards your best option.

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