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Exotic lingerie - Beautiful lingerie has the ability to delight and enchant. From whimsical French lingerie and elegant silk bras and lace panties to romantic vintage lingerie that harkens back to a glamorous era, the world of intimate apparel offers so much.

But, so many choices can be mind-boggling.

Not to worry! At Love of Lingerie I'll show you how easy it is to master the art of fine lingerie, and transform your lingerie wardrobe - from insider lingerie secrets and brand reviews to what-to-wear and easy how-to-guides.

From brassieres, panties and ladies undergarments to nightgowns, pajamas and sleepwear, my lingerie tips are scattered throughout the site to help you uncover your best intimate apparel styles.

Welcome to Love of Lingerie. My name is Carmen, and I'm a lingerie designer. I've been designing fine lingerie and helping women find their best lingerie fit since 1995.

So many times clients, friends and family have come to me asking for answers and solutions to their lingerie dilemmas.

This is how Love of Lingerie was created - a comprehensive exotic lingerie resource guide to show you how easy it is to look and feel fabulous in the best lingerie and intimate apparel for you.

Benefit from my expertise and experience as your personal lingerie advisor, and, think of Love of Lingerie as your personal lingerie drawer go-to-guide at your finger tips.

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Enjoy Love-of-Lingerie Through A Lingerie Expert's Eyes...

Lingerie is sleepwear, shapewear, and hosiery, but it's also brassieres, panties and a multitude of other ladies undergarments. At love of lingerie I share...

  • how to master bra shopping like an expert
  • the best open lingerie for a romantic evening
  • the best types of bras for your shape
  • how to choose bridal lingerie that fits
  • popular panty styles that look invisible
  • “must-do” for getting the best bra fit

Have questions? Great! This site was designed to offer solutions and answer your lingerie questions; so feel free to ask.

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Thanks for visiting Love-of-Lingerie. I hope you enjoy exploring this site and uncovering the valuable lingerie secrets and tips it holds as much as I enjoy bringing it to you.


Love of Lingerie - Table of Contents

Exotic Lingerie Blog
The Exotic Lingerie Blog keeps you up-to-date with all additions and changes to the love-of-lingerie.com Web site. Subscribe here.
Lingerie Lovers Insiders Guide
The e-zine for lingerie lovers, or those who would love to learn more about it.
eBay Clothing - eBay USA - eBay United States
eBay Clothing - Browse great deals on your favorite bras, panties, thong, bikini, chemise sleepwear, nightgowns, camisoles, teddies and intimate apparel 24/7
Ultimate Guide To Ladies Sleepwear
The ladies sleepwear directory shows you a fabulous array of popular nightgowns and sleepwear.
Night gowns And Sleepwear Guide
Night gowns are an amazingly diverse collection of ladies sleepwear. Here we list some popular nightgowns.
Womens Sleepwear Guide | Love of Lingerie
Reviews of favorite womens sleepwear styles.
Womens Robes & Sleepwear Guide
Womens Robes come in a variety of fabulous styles and fabrics. Here are some robe favorites.
Secrets of Luxury Robes
Luxury robes come in a variety of styles and fabrics. From silk robes to cashmere robes there is something to please everyone.
Bride Lingerie - Bridal Lingerie
Getting Married? The bride lingerie information guide offers lots of helpful suggestions and tips. Plus bridal trousseau, bridal plus sizes, and honeymoon ideas...
Bridal Bras - Insiders Guide
Bridal Bras - Advice that you can use on brassieres, bustiers, corsets and bridal lingerie on your wedding day.
Guide To Plus Size Bras
Plus Size Bras - From minimizer bras to plus size push up bras there are numerous types of bras for the full figure woman.
Plus Size Lingerie Secrets
If you're looking for Plus Size Lingerie, browse our plus size intimate apparel guide for great tips, advice and pictures.
Insiders Guides To Mens Robes
Mens robes range from basic cotton to luxurious silk. Here we take a look at different bathrobe styles for men.
Types of Bras Insiders Guide
Types of Bras - Here is a comprehensive guide to today's different bra styles and what makes them so popular.
Bra Shopping Secrets
Whether you are bra shopping online or at your favorite lingerie store, here are a few tips on the different types of bras and bra sizes to make your shopping a success.
Plus Size Bras Insiders Guide
If you are buying plus size bras, you'll need to know about the different types of bras and bra sizes.
Training Bra Insiders Guide
Tips and information on when to buy training bras and popular teen lingerie.
The First Bra Guide For Tweens
The First Bra Guide - Browse training bra and teen lingerie photos and advice on intimate apparel.
The Open Bra Guide
The Open Bra Guide - Browse photos and styles of cupless bra styles and open lingerie
Bra Fitting Tips
Bra fitting and getting the correct bra size is not difficult when you follow a few easy steps. Find out how to fit a bra here.
Womens Panties Insiders Guide
Womens panties come in an amazing variety from conservative granny panties to peekaboo open bikini panties. Here is a ladies underwear guide.
Guide To Bali Bras And Bali Lingerie
Since 1927 Bali lingerie has been devoted to bringing quality Bali bras and lingerie to women world wide. Find out what makes these bra styles so popular.
Chantelle Bras And Lingerie | Love of Lingerie
Chantelle bras and lingerie offer a full range of bra sizes and different types of bras that cater to fuller figures. Find out what makes this French lingerie line a favorite.
Guide To Lunaire Bras And Lingerie
Lunaire bras and panties are a specialty lingerie collection designed for full busted and plus size women. Here is our full figure bras guide that shows what Lunaire lingerie can do for you.
Olga Bras And Lingerie
Olga bras and lingerie are popular for their full bras that range from C cup to DD cup bras for plus size women.
Vanity Fair Lingerie
Vanity Fair lingerie - Here's the scoop on Vanity Fair bras, Vanity Fair panties and intimate apparel.
Best Wacoal Bras And Panties
Wacoal bras and panties are available in a tempting variety of different types of bras and panties that match.
Warner Bras And Lingerie Guide
Warner bras and lingerie offer women quality everyday intimate apparel that is affordable and comfortable.
Sheer Lingerie Insiders Guide
Sheer Lingerie - Find information that you can use on sheer bras, and other sheer exotic lingerie styles
The Teen Lingerie Guide For Parents
The Teen Lingerie Guide - Browse easy intimate apparel advice, tips, information and thumbnail photos on lingerie for teenagers
Sexy Exotic Lingerie Secrets
Exotic Lingerie - Discover why sexy lingerie and open lingerie styles are classic favorites that both men and women love.
The Open Lingerie Guide
The Open Lingerie Guide - Browse pictures and styles of open bra, bikinis, chemises, nightgowns and intimate apparel.
Open Lingerie Guide
Sexy open lingerie - open bras and panties are a wonderful way to add some pizazz to your lingerie drawer. Find out more here.ties, and plus sizes!
Last Minute Valentine Gifts
Last Minute Valentine Gifts - Photos and advise on great valentine gifts for men.
Open Lingerie and Intimate Apparel Tips
Open Lingerie and More- This guide shows you how to choose open bras, open bikini styles, etc...
Exotic Lingerie Article
Have an idea for a lingerie article? Learn how you can submit lingerie information articles to www.love-of-lingerie.com
Privacy Policy - Love of Lingerie
Privacy Policy - Love-of-lingerie takes your privacy seriously; here you can read our policy.
Contact Love of Lingerie
Have a question? Contact Love of Lingerie with your intimate apparel suggestions, questions, comments.
Site Search - Love of Lingerie
Site Search - Looking for something specific on love-of-lingerie? Find it easily with our site search feature!
Plus Size Intimate Apparel
The world of plus size intimate apparel and plus size lingerie has never been brighter. Here we discuss how to shop for plus lingerie.
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Bridal Lingerie - Bride Lingerie
Bridal lingerie is just as important as the wedding dress. Here we discuss popular bridal bras and underwear and how to shop for them.

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