Best Lunaire Bras and Panties Guide

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Lunaire bras and lingerie are specialty designed plus size bras that fit women who wear bra cups sized C to DDD.

These full figure bras and panties that match are designed for work and play, and their quality construction offers a very flattering silhouette under work attire, formal wear, and casual wear alike.

They are also incredibly sexy bras for boudoir wear.

Lunaire bras come in three basic styles:

Most Lunaire bras have full-coverage cups and underwire construction, complete with wider shoulder straps and lower bands that keep the bra in place, even in the middle of strenuous activity.

The Lunaire demi bra is an excellent choice for women who enjoy wearing low-cut tops and dresses.

Lunaire Bras And Lingerie

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Brassieres with a demi-cup shape have bra cups that cover just above the nipple, leaving the top of the breast exposed and creating devastating cleavage or decolletage.

Many demi bras also have padded cups that push the breasts together for an even sexier appearance.

Lunaire lingerie also sells one strapless push up bra. Strapless bras have long been the bane of zaftig women. In the past, few strapless bras have been able to support larger breasts, and women who have tried to wear these brassieres have usually not had much luck.

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Lunaire’s strapless brassiere aims to change that. This full-coverage strapless bra has underwire cups, and an extra-wide bottom and back bra band that is designed to help the bra stay in place.

It also has a front closure, which makes it extremely easy to put on and take off. Front closure bras also help ensure that the bra is positioned high enough on the ribcage to be able to support the breasts.

Traditional strapless bras that close in the back are often placed too low on the ribs simply because the wearer cannot contort her arms and shoulders enough to fasten the back clasp high enough.

Lunaire bras and panties are the answer to the prayers of many full-figured women who have not been able to get a stylish and comfortable bra fit.

They are available at many high-end lingerie boutiques throughout the United States and Canada, and are also sold at many reputable lingerie retailers, as well as over the Internet.

Whenever possible, new customers should visit Lunaire bras and lingerie boutiques in person to have their correct bra size professionally measured, to ensure that their new brassieres and lingerie will fit well and flatter their figure.

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Although many women prefer to measure bra sizes in the privacy of their own home, women who wear a C cup and above - Lunaire’s target clientele, are usually better off having a professional take their bra measurements because of the increasing inaccuracy of home-measurement methods on large breasted individuals.

Rest assured, determining bra size does not require any nudity, and takes just a few moments in any reputable lingerie boutique or department store.

This service is almost always free; after you’re informed of your proper bra size, you can browse the store’s different types of bras, secure in the knowledge that you’ll be purchasing a brassiere that will truly flatter your figure.

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