The Training Bra Insiders Guide

As a lingerie designer I am often asked, what is a training bra, and what makes it so different from other types of bras?

Ladies bras of one kind or another have been around for many years, but preteen underwear and brassieres are fairly new in the lingerie world, and they've only started to become popular in the last dozen or so years.

In a nutshell, a training bra or first bra, also known as a preteen bra or starter bra is a brassiere that is designed especially for young girls, preteen and teens alike whose breasts and bodies are starting to mature and develop.

A training bra, also known as a girls first bra or a bralet does not have much in the way of support like regular womens bras or underwire bras.

These specialty bras are more to help young girls become accustomed to and comfortable with wearing bras, preteen lingerie and intimate apparel.

So, whether you're a parent whose daughter is ready for her first bra, or a preteen who wants to learn about preteen and teen bras, you can click on the photos below for answers to your questions.

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Teen Lingerie

First bras or preteen bras are part of the preteen lingerie family and come in a range of bra sizes, styles, colors, fabrics and patterns to please even the youngest up and coming lingerie diva.

They are either no cup or softcup and made of soft and stretchy fabric; usually cotton or nylon.

Having a little patience and knowing which teen bras and and panties are best (and what fits) when you go lingerie shopping makes it all so much easier.

The first shopping trip for bras and lingerie for young teens is a big step in growing up, and symbolizes a young girl stepping into young womanhood.

Young or old, a woman always remembers when she got her first bra set.

The world of lingerie and intimate apparel is new and does take some getting used to for young girls.

Most young ladies start wearing brassieres or "first bras" between the age of 10 and 13...some develop breasts as early as age 8, some later on, well into their teens.

Bra Sizes

Determining bra size can be a little tricky the first few times and does take some practice.

Some parents prefer to take their daughters to a professional lingerie fitter, which is a good idea because a fitter can suggest a variety of bra styles and of course the right size.

Bras and lingerie for young teens can be found in most department stores, specialty lingerie stores and some teen boutiques. They are trained in measuring bra size.

Or, if your daughter is shy, or prefers to measure her size at home, us our easy 3 step bra size calculator .

Teen Bras

Cotton is a natural fibre, soft, and stretchy and comes in almost every color of the rainbow, and a multitude of styles.

For something a bit dressier, cotton with lace trim is another very good first bra choice.

Also, take a look at some of the latest popular training bra styles - microfiber or cotton bras, which are very soft and stretchy.

Teen girls bras that are cute, fun and flirty are always in style and a favorite for fashion conscious young girls.

Add a few pairs of matching panties to make a nice set.

I'd recommend 2 or three pairs of teen panties to match each training bra. That way she can alternate and will always have a matching set.

Lingerie For Teenagers

Lingerie For Teenagers - Sexy bras, thongs, sheer lingerie, and exotic lingerie are really not age appropriate for young girls, preteens, tweens and teens, but sweet and fun intimate apparel styles are.

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Bra Size Calculator - Need help determining bra size? Our easy 1-2-3 step calculator will guide you in determining the correct bra size.

Preteen Padded Bras - Preteen padded bras are one of the many popular teen bra and preteen lingerie styles that are currently available and come in variety of styles, sizes, and fabrics.

Teen Thong Panties - Are these preteen panties appropriate for preteen and teen girls?

Sports Bra Teen - A girls sports bra is one of the most popular teen bras available for preteen and teen girls.

Teen Lingerie - Shopping for teen and preteen lingerie should be a fun and memorable occasion for mothers and daughters alike.

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