The Ultimate Bra Shopping
Advice You Need To Know

Bra shopping can be a dreaded event or something that you actually look forward to. The great news is that it's easy to take it from excruciating to exciting with our ultimate shopping advice.

Our must-have tips take all of the guesswork out of shopping for bras, showing you how women of any shape and size can find the perfect bra style to meet any of their needs. Here’s everything you need to know when you hit the stores in search of the perfect bra...

Bra Shopping

  Bra Shopping - Lingerie Essentials

When it comes to bra shopping for smart essentials, these bras are it. No lingerie collection is complete without these timeless pieces that will quickly become part of your daily rotation.

Bra Camisole - We love the convenience of two favorite lingerie undergarments in one easy piece. Discover This Clever Style.

Balconette Bras - A bra that works for every shape and size, and combines support with sex appeal. We Reveal The Best Kept Secrets.

Carmen's Tip...

When bra shopping be prepared to invest some time trying on different bra styles and sizes.

Keep in mind that styles and sizes vary a lot between lingerie manufacturers.

 Bra Sizes Matter More Than You Think

Regardless of your size, the single most important element for finding the perfect bra is a great fit. Nothing else matters if you’re wearing the wrong size bra, or one that doesn’t work for your figure.

Minimizer Bras - For those moments you want a trim silhouette, these bras are a golden solution. See Our Top 5 Styles.

Plus Size Strapless Bras - Strapless bras are a must-have for every lingerie fashionista. Learn How To Choose The Best Bra.

  Specialty Bras For Special Occasions

Weddings, cocktail parties, and girl’s night out are all reasons to slip into your chicest clothing, and no one wants the wrong bra to interfere with their style.

Before bra shopping, plan to stock your lingerie drawer with these unique pieces to keep you covered no matter what your outfit requirements are.

Adhesive Bras - When you want to wear those plunging necklines, and nothing can show, these are the best bras. Here's How To Wear Them Comfortably.

Backless Bra - Done right, the backless bra is a lifesaver for those special outfits that show off a plunging back. How To Avoid Fashion Faux Pas.

Front Closure Bra - Easy peasy to put on and take off, the front closure bra is a comfy alternative to regular bras. Sidestep These Common Mistakes.

Demi Bra - Don't let popular myths and misconceptions keep you from a gorgeous look! Demi bras are a fabulously feminine top pick!  Uncover The Myths.

Half Bras - Half cup bras are more versatile than you think, especially when you combine them with other lingerie drawer favorites. How To Mix And Match.

  Multi-Function Brassieres Make It Easy

Like any modern woman, some bras are multi-functional and can do it all. From everyday wear, to special occasions, these great bras have you covered.

Bandeau Bra - Under everything from sundresses, to cocktail wear, the bandeau bra is a must-have for your lingerie collection. Discover Great Year-Round Looks.

Convertible Bras - What’s not to love about the bra that's the Houdini of the lingerie world?  Your Top 7 Questions (And Our Answers!).

Bandeau Bras - It's easy it is to put your best figure forward with these simple steps for looking great in bandeau bras. Read Our Easy Insider Tips.

  Bra Shopping: Body Shaper Benefits

When shopping for brassieres it's easy to take your lingerie game to the next level with multi-tasking pieces that support your bust for a stunning look from head to toe.

Camisole Bra - Not only does the camisole bra keep you stylishly covered, it also offers the silhouette you’ve always dreamed of. Read our 10 easy tips.

Long line bras - Whip your curves into shape in a slim silhouette that has you looking and feeling your best. Learn how to look thinner.

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