Bra Shopping Secrets

Insiders Guide To Brassieres

The thought of bra shopping strikes fear into the hearts of many women.

This is mainly because there are just so many different types of bras available these days, and lingerie undergarment choices can seem endless... and a little confusing at times.

The most flattering womens bras really depend on a woman's breast size and body type, as well as the type of clothes you'll be wearing.

Brassieres come in an amazing variety of styles, bra sizes, colors, and shapes. Here are a just few of the popular brassiere styles you'll see when bra shopping...

adhesive bra

Adhesive Bras - these unique specialty bras are a fairly recent intimate apparel invention that make it easy for ladies to wear very revealing tops, dresses and clothing with a fair bit of brassiere support.

backless bras

Backless Bra - These popular bra styles offer lift and support to the breasts while providing a virtually invisible look for today's revealing dresses and tops that have low, plunging backs.

balconette bras
Balconette Bras - these womens bras range from sexy demi bras to full figured bras. They offer half or demi scalloped bra cups for an exotic look to the bustline. When bra shopping for a balconette bra opt for lace or mesh in your favorite color for sheer lingerie appeal.

bandeau bra

Bandeau Bra - a lightweight and stretchy strapless knit brassiere. Bandeau bras have a wide bra band. While these specialty bras are designed for strapless dresses and tops, and offer a smooth bra fit, they do not provide a great deal of support.

Carmen's Tips

When bra shopping for your lingerie drawer, there are 3 things to keep in mind:

Bra Style - demi and balconette bras for your low cut shirts; strapless bras for summer dresses, etc.

Fabric - Seamless, contour bras for your T shirts and knitwear, and fitted clothing.

Color - Skin-tone and neutral shades under sheer and lighter colors; darker colors under black clothing.

bra camisole
Bra Camisole - The bra camisole, also known as a camisole bra or camisole with bra is a popular cami style, combining design and comfort. The camisole bra is an all-in-one lingerie undergarment with a clever design that combines the practicality of a brassiere with the style of a camisole.

convertible bras
Convertible Bras - the convertible bra is an amazingly versatile bra style that every woman should have in her lingerie drawer. These specialty bras have detachable bra straps that can be reconfigured or removed, offering the option of several bra styles in one.

front closure bras
Front Closure Bras - These sexy bras lack the classic hook-and-eye closure system on the back of the brassiere band. Instead, front close bras use an easy to reach plastic or metal closure that opens and closes in the front of the bra between the bra cups. A great style for preteens and people with arthritis!

full figure bras
Full Figure Bras Are - a buxom woman’s lingerie drawer must have for feeling fabulous and looking great. Full bras tend to have supportive bra cups that offer fuller coverage. Full figure bras cover the breasts completely and are available in both wired and wireless bras.

bra shopping

lace bras

Lace Bras - undoubtedly one of sexiest exotic bras available today. Lace sheer bras offer a great combination of intimate apparel coverage and peekaboo lingerie appeal. No longer just bride lingerie or honeymoon lingerie, these feminine womens bras are a great option for everyday wear too.

longline bras
Long Line Bras - also known as bustier tops, these long brassieres are popular descendents of sexy corsets and are well liked for their silhouette shaping abilities. When wearing close fitting knits and clothing opt for smooth styles like the satin bustier for a polished look.

minimizer bras

Minimizer bras - these brassieres are a favorite of buxom women who are larger busted. Specially designed to minimize the bustline, the minimizer bra redistributes the weight and shape of the breast while giving the illusion of a smaller bustline.

strapless bras
Plus Size Strapless Bras - thanks to great design and ingenuity strapless bras are an easy option for zaftig women in need of extra strapless support for those gorgeous strapless tops and dresses. When bra shopping opt for nude or neutral colors under white and sheer fabrics for a virtually invisible look.

see through bras

See Through Bras - these sheer bras display the breasts in peekaboo sheer lingerie fabrics such as lace, mesh and microfiber. They create a provocative and sexy exotic lingerie look when matched with sheer panties and/or a matching sheer nightgown.

strapless bras
Strapless Bras - are a must-have for every well dressed woman's lingerie drawer. Being able to determine bra size for a strapless bra is now better than ever thanks to a wide range that includes petite bras in AA to plus size bras in a G cup. Bra shopping for strapless bras has never been easier!

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