The First Bra Guide For Girls

The First Bra Guide - Are you looking to get your daughter a training bra and need some information on bra styles, sizes, and how to help your daughter choose something she'll love?

Or, maybe you're a pre-teen and feel that it's finally time for you to get your first bra (also known as a starter bra, or preteen bra )?

The First Bra Guide

Whether you are a parent, a preteen or even a teen girl a training bra is is without a doubt a right of passage for every young lady, and there are lots to things to consider before making your purchase.

First and foremost you're probably wondering which type of preteen bras would be suitable since there seem to be so many different teen bras and preteen lingerie out there that comes in a multitude of different styles, designs, fabrics and of course colors.

Are softcup bras or underwire bras better? What about bra sizes and how do you make sure you get the right bra fit ? And what about fabrics - are cotton bras really best; what about nylon bras? What are young girls wearing these days?

This first bra guide will give you plenty of great shopping ideas and helpful lingerie tips and advice for girls training bras, preteen and teen lingerie. Just click on each thumbnail to see a larger photo, and browse for more information...

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