Plus Size Bras Insiders Guide

The plus size bras and lingerie of today offer a feminine option for curvy women everywhere.

Unlike the dismal plus size lingerie choices of yesteryear, the variety of today's full figure bras run the gamut from sleek and sophisticated push up bras to comfortable and fun sports bras.

One of the keys to getting a great bra fit in full figured bras is for curvier women to recognize the shape or silhouette of their breasts.

Whether you are a petite or plus size woman, breast shapes do vary a lot from one woman to another.

Some women have breasts that are high and rounded, while others have fuller breasts. And, some have wider set breasts.

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Plus Size Bras

So, with this in mind, plus size bras like a demi cup bra or a balcony bra that look great on one woman will not necessarily look great on another because each woman's breasts have a different shape or silhouette.

Bra styles vary as well in coverage, fabric, color and bra support.

Different types of bras are meant to complement different body types, clothing styles and circumstances.

Some of the more popular plus size bras that are available include:

and sport bras just to name a few.

Bra Sizes

Getting the right size of brassiere is also very important, since the correct bra size affects your comfort level and how well your clothing will fit.

Bra sizes can vary greatly, depending on the manufacturer, the fabric used, and other considerations.

So, for example, if you have always worn a 38 DD in Lunaire bras, it does not mean that you will wear a 38DD in Vanity Fair bras or Chantelle bras. Since plus size bras and full bras can differ so much it is a good idea to check your bra measurement when considering a bra brand that you have never worn before.

Most women prefer to be measured by a professional bra fitter in a department store or specialty lingerie shop or boutique.

Why? A few minutes with a professional brassiere expert is a great opportunity to find which plus size bras and brands are better suited to your body shape and why.

And, more importantly, which bra styles you should avoid.

Don't be shy about asking for a lingerie expert's suggestions. Don't be afraid to voice your lingerie problems and probe her knowledge of intimate apparel.

Whether you are shopping for support bras, sports bras or bridal bras, an experienced and knowledgeable bra fitter should be able to make style and size suggestions before actually measuring you!

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When trying on different brassieres, here are a few tips to help you determine the right bra size:

  • The bra cups should enclose the breasts snugly with no wrinkles, puckering or gaps in the fabric.
  • The bra band should rest horizontally from front to back and should not ride up the back. The band should be firm but comfortable.
  • The wire of an underwire bra should should lie flat against the sternum (underneath the breast), and should not dig into the breasts or the chest.

    The underwire should not chafe or poke out at the front or sides.

  • The breasts should sit comfortably in the bra cups. They should not bulge over the top or out the sides of the cups, no matter which bra style you choose.
  • The bra straps should rest snugly on the shoulders. They should not slip off or be too tight which will force the back of the brassiere to ride up.
  • Support of the breasts should come from the firm but comfortable fit of the bra band around the torso, rather than the shoulder straps.

bras online or in person, there are a plethora of different bra styles, sizes, fabrics and colors available.

For online shopping, stores like and

offer full figure bras to FF, while HerRoom

and Bigger Bras

carry up to a K cup.

These online stores also have an affordable selection of many more plus size bras and plus size lingerie styles.

If you prefer shopping in person for plus size bras and intimate apparel at traditional bricks and mortar stores, Nordstrom's and Macy's have very good selections of brassieres and intimate apparel, including popular brands like Wacoal bras, Olga bras, Lunaire bras and Goddess bra.

While some of these brassieres may be a bit pricier than others, they have superior fit and quality that women love.

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