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Girls Training Bras - Frugal Fundamentals That Will Save You Money

Girls Training Bras – For many frazzled parents, it’s easy to get excited about buying tween lingerie and end up feeling guilty because you've overspent. With countless options to choose from, and tweens campaigning for the prettiest (and more often than not the most expensive) bras, it can be hard to exercise restraint.

No worries. We’ve created a list of easy tips and how-to tricks for getting the bras they want while saving you a bundle.

girls training bras

Girls Training Bras  - The Helpful Shopping Fundamentals

Wait for the big sales. Retailers typically have two big sales each year - one at the end of the summer season and one at the end of winter. 

  • If possible, hold off on bra shopping until you can take advantage of one of the major sales of the season
  • Check your favorite department stores (and don’t forget to check online) for any special sales events that may be exclusive to mailing list members

Be strategic and shop the sales instead of buying at full price you can get great bras that tweens love without breaking the bank.

Forgo the fads. If you fill your tween’s drawer with trendy styles, colors, and patterns, they may love them in the short term but grow tired of them before long, and want you to buy newer styles each season.

  • Save yourself from riding the never ending trendy train by sticking to classic girls training bras that never go out of style
  • Look for basics like nude, black and white that can be worn under anything and will always look great, no matter what the latest fads are

Invest in versatility. Tweens like to follow the latest fashion trends and while they may say that they want a bra that’s loaded with trims, bows and ribbons, they may realize that fussy styles have their limits and aren’t very versatile.

  • These types of specialty bras won’t work under all clothing
  • They tend to show through delicate tops and t-shirts – and aren’t especially modest

Instead of complicated styles that tend to be pricey, opt for basics like smooth seamless cotton bralettes or microfiber bras that that will look great under whatever your tween or teen chooses to wear.

Tip - A simple style may not seem very exciting, but they’ll get more wear out of a versatile tween bra, making it a better investment in the long run.

Know your limits. The best way to save money is to have a plan before you start shopping. Set a budget and stick to it. Look for girls training bras in a price range that you're comfortable with and one that meets your list of must-haves.

It may be hard to resist the multitude of cute tween lingerie styles that are available, especially if your tween really wants several bras. But, remember your plan and stay within your means.

  • Keep in mind that tweens don’t need a dozen bras at the beginning
  • Start slowly with one or two bras that they can alternate
  • Additional bras can be purchased as they outgrow them
  • Stick to the basics and pass on anything that is too trendy or limited in use

By shopping smart, you can find a bra or two that will work with everything in your tween’s wardrobe and will last longer, subsequently saving you money.

Be Savvy. One of the best fundamentals for saving is to avoid high-end lingerie boutiques that sell pricey designer intimate apparel.

While super expensive beautiful bras and imports may seem like a great idea, they won't last long for growing tweens and teens. As their bodies mature, they tend to outgrow bras fairly quickly.

Instead, head to your local department store (or opt for lingerie shopping online) for a great selection of basic bras that won’t break the bank.

Keep it straightforward and simple with affordable options that are pretty and easy to wear.

Tip - Young tweens do not need super expensive luxury lingerie for their first training bra.