Girls In Training Bras Guide

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Little girls in training bras ... for some parents the thought of their little girls wearing lingerie and intimate apparel is unsettling, as they watch their little girls blossom into young women. They grow up so fast!

Especially once they realize the time has finally come to go shopping for their little girls first bra.

I'll give you a few quick tips to make it much easier...

For some young girls, shopping for a training bra or lingerie for teenagers for the first time can be a embarrassing and maybe even a little scary.

Their bodies are maturing and changing, and everything is new all at the same time.

Reassure her that there is nothing to be embarrassed about. This is a special time in her life, and she should be proud she is becoming a young lady.

You may even want to share your story about buying your first training bra. Embarrassed?

Don't be. Instead, try telling her something like, I remember when I bought my first bra This is a great opportunity to become closer to your daughter.

girls in training bras

Girls In Training Bras

Don't be, wearing first bras, lingerie and intimate apparel and bras are all part of growing up, and she needs to know that she can talk to you about her feelings. When shopping for bras, lingerie or intimate apparel, it’s important to consider lingerie for young teens that matches your daughter’s personality.

Let her have input about brassiere colors and designs. Most teens love bright and pretty colored training bra styles in cotton or microfiber with a hint of lace.

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While transitioning to wearing her first bras it's important to help her find bras that she will love, since these are brassieres that women wear every day.

Make this a good memory for your daughter.

Buying a first bra and lingerie (or intimate apparel) is a rite of passage, and being able to share this with her is important.

It will form a good basis for her clothing purchases for the rest of her life.

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