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Little Girls in Training Bras
The Easy How To Fundamentals

Little Girls In Training Bras - It’s a special and memorable time in a young girl’s life when they get their first training bra - a rite of passage and a big step towards becoming an adult.

This easy how to guide takes a closer look at the basics of training bra shopping and helpful tips. From handling potentially embarrassing moments to advice on fit and comfort, we share how to take the guesswork out of getting it right.

little girls in training bras

Little Girls In Training Bras - How To Get It Right

Tread carefully. There are no ifs ands or buts about it - tween bras are a delicate subject, especially when it comes to young girls who are on the cusp of puberty and have never worn a bra.

Chances are great, if this is the first time training bras have come up in casual conversation, a girl may be feeling a little anxious - an important thing to keep that in mind. What's the best way to address it?

  • respect her feelings by keeping it private from the rest of the family
  • not calling out her size for everyone to hear - whether you're at home or shopping together at the mall
  • not freaking out when she approaches you to talk about it
  • remain calm and show your support and caring by being discreet
  • let her know that she can trust you during this sensitive time
  • keep the conversation light and casual and encourage questions 

Be realistic. Whether she’s asked for a bra, or her friends are wearing one, or you simply think the time is right, it’s important to have realistic expectations.

Though it may often seem to be crystal clear, girls are often ready, yet at the same time, not ready.

They may crave extra coverage or support, or just want to fit in with their friends if they're wearing bras, but might still be too small for a proper first bra.

An extra layer might be all that she needs to feel more confident and comfortable.

If this is the case, a simple cotton bralette, camisole or tank top is a great way to compromise until she's ready for a real training bra. 

Find the right fit. When it comes to little girls in training bras, the best styles are those that fit perfectly and feel invisible. And, the best fit begins with getting the right measurements.

A quick trip to your local department store, preferably one with a decent sized lingerie section, to have her measurements taken is a great start. 

They'll be able to make suggestions on styles and sizes that will work for her. In the fitting room, check that - 

  • the band isn’t too loose or tight 
  • the bra is laying smoothly against the skin
  • there is no gaping or spillage
  • the straps are not too tight or too loose

Choose comfortable styles. Keep in mind that growing breast tissue is very sensitive and delicate.

Simple stretchy bras or bralettes in cotton with a touch of spandex or microfiber make the best training bras. Keep free of bells and whistles and be mindful of the fact that softness matters. Most girls hate wearing anything if -

  • the fabric is stiff, itchy or scratchy
  • there are bulky seams
  • there are uncomfortable clasps or fasteners
  • it’s decorated with prickly trims

Make it low profile. Little girls in training bras can often feel embarrassed or self-conscious about other people knowing that they’re wearing a bra.

The best approach to minimize this stress is by opting for styles that are discreet and undetectable under clothing. Think minimal.  Here's how - 

  • Suggest that she try bras under a simple tank or t shirt to test whether or not the bra is visible through her clothing 

  • Look for neutral colors that are as close to skin tone as possible 
  • Choose smooth fabrics in seamless styles that are designed with a low profile