Little Girls in Training Bras
Guide For Parents

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Little girls in training bras - Finding the best bra fit can be a challenge and even exasperating, even for the most lingerie and intimate apparel savvy woman.

For young girls, preteens, and their devoted mums the search for training bras, preteen lingerie, first bras and teen lingerie can be even tougher, especially when it’s their first time.

Luckily with a few easy to follow steps bra shopping for girls lingerie can be a snap!

Little Girls In Training Bras

Traditionally camisoles and cami sets have always been women's undergarments of choice.

With the invention of the bra during the 1940's, girls lingerie, training bras, and the entire shopping experience with a beloved mum, aunt, or friend slowly came to represent a rite of passage into womanhood.

Prior to girls training bras young ladies wore a simple plain cotton cami.

Things have changed though, in today's lingerie market the choices in lingerie for young teens have never been better!

little girls in training bras

Bra shopping for a girls first bra should be a fun and relaxing occasion.

As their bodies begin to change, some more rapidly than others, it can be a scary and stressful time for some girls.

The best approach is to keep it light and casual, and encourage questions and good communication.

Even if a girl is a late bloomer, it still might be a good idea to buy a girls first bra so she feels comfortable with her friends and peers.

Bra Fit

first training bra

There are thousands of first bra styles and lingerie for young teens in today‘s lingerie market. So how do you know which training bras to choose?

Getting the right bra fit can avoid headaches, back pain, grooves in the shoulder and general discomfort throughout one's life.

So, what are some training bra fit problems to look out for?

Bra cups that wrinkle or gape, straps that fall off or dig into shoulders, and bra bands that ride up, or are too tight are just a few signs of a bra not fitting properly.

Growing breast tissue can make a girl's breasts incredibly sensitive, so choose a training bra carefully.

Take extra care to choose first bras that are made of softer, stretch fabrics and simple designs.

Avoid bra styles with bulky seams or trims that are scratchy and potentially irritating. Remember, bra comfort is key!

A girls first bra is a huge step in growing up, and mums will no doubt remember some of their own embarrassing bra stories. It's a wonderful opportunity for a mother and daughter to bond and create a memory that they'll both remember forever!

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