Lingerie For Teenagers Guide

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These days, shopping for lingerie for teenagers and intimate apparel can be tricky for parents.

A lot of young girls idolize celebrities like Britney Spears and Paris Hilton and they all want to wear the same sexy clothing as these young stars do.

The celebrity or "in crowd" wear styles like teen thong panties, g string panties sexy bras, and other sexy teen lingerie.

Exotic bras, thongs, and sexy lingerie are really not age appropriate for young girls, preteens, tweens and teens, but sweet and fun intimate apparel styles that provide ample coverage are. Let's take a closer look...

Lingerie For Teenagers

When shopping for a first bra or teenage bra and preteen lingerie, be sure to get your daughter's opinion.

Shopping for lingerie for teenagers is a opportunity for a mother and daughter to become closer.

Let her look on her own, then guide her gently with suggestions.

It will give her a chance to decide which teen bras and preteen lingerie she really likes, and she'll feel a little more grown up in the process.

Fashion means everything to teen girls.

Look for pretty and attractive teen bras and panties in bright colors (pink, red, blue, and green), and patterned fabrics like pretty florals, stars and butterflies.

Or, if she's quiet and conservative, go for first bra basics like a white cotton bra trimmed with pretty lace detail.

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Teen Bras

Depending on her personality, there are preteen bras, panties, slips, and night gowns for young teens that fit the sporty type

A teen sports bra is a great choice, the cheerleader type, the girly girl (look for preteen lingerie with a touch of lace), and of course, risque lingerie styles that are little less tasteful.

If you have a close bond with your teenager, it's wise to put the kibosh to anything you feel is too provocative.

Bra styles like sexy bras, all lace bras, sheer bras and panty styles like thongs, sheer bikini panties, or a g string are inappropriate for young girls.

Remember, age appropriate intimate apparel is the key. Help her feel good about herself without being too sexy.

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