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Little Girls In Training Bras - How To Make Shopping Easy And Fun

Little Girls In Training Bras. When it comes to bra shopping the first time with a nervous tween, anyone who claims that it doesn’t require a little strategic planning (and finesse) has yet to witness an all-out meltdown in the fitting room.

little girls in training bras

If you're looking for tips and tricks on how to make it a great experience for your little girl, you've come to the right place.

Here, we share how to pointers on making it an easy and fun experience for both of you – from guidance on styles to the best time to shop – you’ve got this one covered.

Little Girls In Training Bras - How To Make Shopping Fun

Just the two of you. Whether you're shopping for a first bra or a tween bra, this can be a wonderful opportunity for a teaching moment and bonding experience that the two of you can share.

Set yourself up for success -

  • Plan a special day, just the two of you together
  • Take her shopping when you can have time alone together, without siblings tagging along on other errands, which will make it feel rushed and potentially embarrassing for her
  • Carve out time when both of you can go by yourselves and dawdle as long as you like. No rush and no pressure

She’ll appreciate being able to spend time with you and not having to compete for your attention with demanding siblings or share you with other family members.

Let her choose. While moms have been wearing bras for decades and have a good idea what works and more importantly, what doesn't, when it comes to little girls in training bras, it’s super important to let them have some input into the training bra that they’ll be wearing.

Not sure where to start? No worries. Here are a few questions to ask her -

  • Ask if she has any style or color favorites
  • If she doesn't have any favorites, then ask for sales assistance and have her try on different bras
  • Ask her which bras feel more comfortable and why she likes (or doesn't like) them
  • Narrow the choices down to a few great styles, then let her pick the bras that she likes best

She’s the one who will be wearing the bra, so you want her to have something that she loves. Letting her choose shows that she is starting to mature and that you value her opinion.

Little Girls In Training Bras - More Great Shopping Tips

Make a day of it. Life is busy. But, rather than squeezing in a rushed moment of bra shopping between your other errands, set aside a whole day to spend with your little girl.

  • Let her know that you want to spend a special day together
  • Start with lunch at a restaurant that she likes, then hit the stores
  • Once you’re finished, celebrate with ice cream or treat her to some other new clothes at the mall

She’ll love spending a day with you that’s fun and special, and you’ll create great memories together.

Share your own story. When it comes to little girls in training bras, one of the most important things you can do is let her know that she’s not alone in how she’s feeling, and you're on her side.

Keep in mind that this is new territory for them. Girls are often overwhelmed in new situations and some are more shy than others.

  • Share your first bra story with her
  • Describe how old you were, who you went with, and how you felt the first time you wore a training bra

Letting her know if you were nervous, shy or excited will help her relax and know that she’s not the only one feeling the way she does.

Sharing your own experience will strengthen the bond that you share during this special time.

Keep it discreet. We get it, your little girl is growing up and it's an important milestone. You may be bursting with pride and excitement and want to tell everyone, but if you do, do so privately.

Announcing that she needs a training bra over breakfast for the whole family to hear will be mortifying for her.

Instead, keep it between the two of you, and only share with other people in a discreet way that respects her privacy.

If you’re dying to share the news, do it with her. Make sure you express your emotions directly to her so she knows just how proud you are of her at this memorable time.