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Teenage Bra - The Behind The Scenes Scoop

Teenage Bra. When it comes to teen bras, everyone is familiar with the basic elements of style and size. But did you know that the behind the scenes details are just as important?

From bra shopping basics to how to find bra joy, we’ve rounded up a few of those little-known essentials that will make teen lingerie an enjoyable and fun experience that's worth the effort.

teenage bra

Teenage Bra - The Under Cover Fundamentals

Wearing a bra is special

Like a first kiss or first car, you’ll always remember your first bra – which style you chose, what it looked like, who you were with, and how you felt.

Wearing a teenage bra is a special experience for teens and tweens - it’s a rite of passage into womanhood that should be celebrated and cherished.

Bras serve a practical function and are a necessary part of life. For teens, wearing one is also a symbol of growing up and maturing, and it’s something that should always be remembered fondly.

Make it a team effort 

Buying a bra can be a lot for a teen to handle, especially if it’s a first bra. Whether bra shopping at the mall or shopping online, there are endless sizes, styles, and options of every kind, and it can be confusing and overwhelming.

For an easier experience, let your mom or a sales associate help you navigate which bras are good options for you.

In addition to getting practical help with bra styles and sizes, it’s a great idea to have someone that you feel comfortable with when you go shopping.

Whether it’s a close relative or a friend, having moral support takes the pressure off and makes the experience fun and memorable.

Pick A Bra You Love

Let’s be real, if you hate the bras sitting in your drawer, you’ll loathe what you wear from the moment you put it on in the morning.

Before rushing into buying the first thing you see on the rack, look at several bra styles before choosing something that you really like.

Take your time in picking the right one and turn wearing a bra into something enjoyable.

Look for colors, prints, details, and trims that suit your personal style and make you feel pretty and special.

When you wear a bra that you love, you’ll feel and look great in it, and be confident that you’re at your best.

Find the right bra for your lifestyle

It is easy to get a bra that will blend seamlessly into your life when you buy the right styles. Here's how:

  • If you’re active and involved in high impact sports, you’ll need sports bras in comfortable microfiber and polyester blends
  • Or, opt for more delicate and ornate pieces if you aren’t as active
  • Choose seamless light weight styles if you wear a lot of snug tops or light colored clothing

Whatever your lifestyle and activities are, make sure you stock up on teen bras and lingerie that fits into the way you spend your day. You’ll be more comfortable in bras that work for you, not against you.

No one needs to know you’re wearing a bra

Wearing a teenage bra can be exciting and special, but it’s also a private matter that no one needs to know about but you.

If you don’t feel comfortable or are self conscious wearing a bra, there are several easy ways to keep it discreet and modest:

  • Choose skin tone shades when wearing light colored clothing
  • Look for smooth seamless cups for a smooth sleek silhouette
  • Always take the time to find the right fit to avoid any tell-tale lumps or bumps under your clothing

The best bras are ones that become invisible under clothing so only you know that you’re wearing it.