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There is no specific age for a young girl to buy her first teen bra (also known as a training bra or preteen lingerie.

Some girls bloom or mature as early as age 8, when their breasts start to develop, while others are as old as 16 before they decide to buy their first training bras.

On average young girls start wearing training bras between the ages of 11 and 13 as their breasts begin to bud.

And, even if they haven't yet really begun to develop breasts, a lot of girls still want to buy teen lingerie like first bras and teen panties to keep up with their friends at school.

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Teen Bra

Also, even if the breasts haven't grown that much, a teenage bra and teen lingerie are still very important because it shows that a young girl is growing up.

Age appropriate and pretty lingerie for teenagers encourages self esteem, and gives girls a boost of confidence that they are maturing into attractive young women.

Training bras have several different names - here are a few of the popular ones:

Buying preteen bras may seem easy for most of us, but it is a wee bit more involved than that for young girls, preteens, tweens and teens, since the world of lingerie and intimate apparel is completely new to them.

Bra Fit

A proper lingerie and bra fit are essential for posture, comfort and support, especially during the teen years while their bodies are still maturing.

Choosing the best bras and intimate apparel is very important.


An ill fitting bra can cause all kinds of problems for young girls, like slouching, sore back, muscle aches and pains, and even headaches.

And, because teens are still growing, the difficulties caused by poorly fitting bras this early can lead to life long problems with posture and back pain.

To make certain they are wearing the right size brassieres, they should be fitted by a professional lingerie bra fitter every six months, or after every notable growth spurt.

Teen Lingerie

After they've found the right size, the next step is taking a look at the different preteen lingerie and training bra styles. Are the brassieres needed for physical education class, sports, basic coverage, or for support?

As with the many different teen clothing styles, there are many different styles of brassieres designed for different needs, activities, fashions, and shapes.

Here are a few popular first bras :

Usually two or three pairs of teen underwear for each brassiere, like a nice panty brief, or boy shorts.


It's a nice way to make girls feel stylish and attractive. And, a good way to encourage them to take pride in themselves and build self esteem.

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