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Teen Bra Secrets - 10 Ways To Be Inspired

Teen Bra - For fashion conscious teens there’s a certain magic to great bras - they can be modern or feminine, sporty or practical, high end or modest. Teen bras and lingerie can mimic trends and even pique the interest of future fashionistas.

The secret to success lies in the little details – the best styles, colors, tips and tricks - that make it all sensational.

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Teen Bra Essentials - How To Be Inspired

Bra Shopping Can Be Fun

Despite what you might think or what you’ve heard, bra shopping doesn’t need to be a total drag. It’s more fun to buy teen bras when you turn the day into a fun outing.

Make it into a shopping spree, get a manicure or pedicure before hand, or make a plan to go for dessert when you’re done.

Take an everyday errand and make it into an awesome time by tacking a few pampering and fun things onto either end of your plans.

Don't Sacrifice Your Personal Style

When it comes to your inner style, whether you’re sporty, a girlie girl, edgy, or boho, there is teen lingerie to suit your style and show off your unique tastes. Don’t settle for boring bras when you can rock styles that showcase your own personal style.

Mix And Match

Forget the idea that your bras and panties need to be part of a matching set. It’s much more fun and cooler to mix it up and create fun combinations of colors, prints, patterns, and textures. Play around with your favorite pieces to find exciting new looks that you will love to wear.

Keep Your Drawer Full Of Options

There’s a whole world of teen bras out there, not just one standard look or style. Make sure you’re stocked with all of the fundamentals and fun styles when you take time to build a bra wardrobe that’s ultra versatile.

Ensure that you have a few neutral shades, a convertible style, and a few pieces that you’re comfortable in for every day wear, and you’ll be totally set for any situation.

Make It A Bonding Time

Bra shopping is way more fun when you do it with people who you love and feel comfortable with and those who make you smile.

Make a day out of it with your best friend, tag along to the mall with your sister or favorite aunt, or ask for your mom’s expert advice (we promise, she won’t be as embarrassing as you think).

Turn an ordinary event into a day of fun and bonding that the two of you will always remember.

Pay Attention To Pretty Details

With amazing new styles, fabrics and details to choose from, the bras of today are anything but basic, and the prettier they are, the more you’ll love wearing them.

Look for extra special details like tiny crystal beading between the cups, delicate bows at the base of the straps, lace trim, satiny straps, or any other extras that take a bra from ho-hum to beautiful.

Have Fun With Colors

Don’t stick to just neutrals. While neutral, nude, white, black, and skin tones all have a place in every underwear drawer, it doesn’t mean that you can’t shake things up with a little color too.

Try a neon bra, a polka dot bra, a floral style, or any other cool color or print combo that you can find. Wearing a colorful bra is way more fun than simply slipping into a basic shade.

Play With Prints And Patterns

Why have a drawer full of solid colors when you have way more fun adding prints and patterns to the mix?

Have fun and try whimsical animal patterns, feminine flowers, stripes, zigzags, chevron prints – anything goes as long as you love it.

Don't Take It Too Seriously

Teen lingerie is a great way to have fun and experiment with wild colors and bold patterns, since it’s safety tucked away and unseen under your clothes.

You can wear a pretty print or a super fun black and white pattern with no one knowing except you, so don’t be shy or too serious when it comes to choosing your bras. Have fun with it and go with something that makes you happy!

Find What Works For You

Teen lingerie is very personal and it’s all about what works for you - the styles, colors and fabrics that you like - and your style.

Listen to suggestions from your mom, friends, or sister, but remember to choose bras that you like - those that fit you to perfection and make you smile every time you slip one on.