Lingerie For Young Teens

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Lingerie for young teens has become quite a hot topic lately in the mainstream media.

Retailers like La Senza and Asda have provoked a wave of controversy advertising and selling sexy lingerie for teenagers and even girls as young as five.

Too sexy training bra and teen lingerie was quickly pulled from the La Senza website as a result of complaints from politicians, campaigners and children's charities who complained it sexualized children and put them at risk.

Today's young girls are maturing faster than ever, and with the age of puberty steadily decreasing, simple preteen lingerie styles that were popular just a few years ago are considered to be boring and not "sexy" enough by today's teens.

Training bras, traditional camisoles and cami sets, teen nightgowns and sleepwear are being pushed aside in favor of sexy intimate apparel. Let's take a quick look at a few reasons why...

lingerie for young teens

Lingerie For Young Teens

Popular culture has a huge effect on today's teens and young girls.

Fashion magazines, Hollywood movies, entertainers like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears and peer pressure have an enormous influence on young girls who buy intimate apparel.

Everyday young girls are being bombarded with messages of, "sexier is better", and "why should grown-ups have all the fun?"

Sexy clothes and lingerie for teenagers are now considered the norm from an early age.

Manufacturers and retailers alike have jumped on the bandwagon selling lacy see through preteen bras peek a boo bras and thongs for young girls!

Is Sexy Lingerie For Teenagers Appropriate?

Should young girls be allowed to wear preteen lingerie?

It's very natural for young girls to want to look pretty and feel good about themselves. It's a normal part of growing up and building self esteem.

But be aware that young girls wearing provocative sexy teen lingerie like sexy thong and bra sets, and skimpy low rise panties that are too revealing can be a bad idea.

teen lingerie

But be aware that young girls wearing provocative sexy teen lingerie sexualize children from an early age with serious long term effects, it can also attract unwanted attention from potential stalkers, pedophiles, rapists, and other dangerous influences.

Relaxed and open communication is very important with young girls of an impressionable age.

Think about the guidelines you want to set and the message you want to convey to her about appropriate lingerie for young teens.

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