Women Sleepwear

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For many women sleepwear represents the ultimate in comfort and relaxation today.

Favorite ladies sleepwear and lingerie undergarment styles are generally crafted from comfortable and traditional intimate apparel fabrics such as cotton and flannel and newer fabrics like microfiber, bamboo and modal.

These lingerie fabrics are designed to breathe well and feel soft against the skin.

As wonderful as it is for most women sleepwear can present a major fashion danger - sloppiness!

Many times women often choose a comfortable but plain cotton nightgown, flannel nightgown, or even nylon nightgown at the expense of form, but this doesn’t have to be the case.

There are many night gowns, and ladies pajamas that are both extremely comfortable and feminine.

A feminine and comfortable women sleepwear option is a twinset consisting of a tank top camisole and tap pants or boy short panties.

These lingerie sets are usually made from a cotton/spandex blend that moves with the wearer so that they are comfortable in any position during the night.


Women Sleepwear

Although they can be quite revealing, these women sleepwear sets are inherently more modest than peekaboo lingerie styles like a babydoll nightie, chemise sleepwear or a sexy nightgown because the shorts ensure that a woman remains modestly covered at all times.

From plain and practical nylon nightgowns to sheer romantic nightgowns, womens sleepwear styles are available in a variety of beautiful fabrics, colors textures and prints.

Solid, dark colors are flattering on anyone and never go out of style, while white continues to be a universal intimate apparel favorite.

Shortie matching pajamas are also usually inexpensive, meaning that two or three can be purchased at one time.

ladies sleepwear

Another favorite ladies nightwear option are long womens pajamas.

Matching pajamas for women are menswear-inspired. They may have long sleeves and long pants, or short sleeves and short pants, depending on the style.

Either style is readily available in many types of sensual satin; a crisp cotton is a more casual choice that is still elegant.

Stick with solid colors more maximum visual appeal; prints may be fun, but they go out of style much more quickly.

Women who are able to commit to extra care for such lingerie may opt for a luxurious silk nightgown or a pair of silk pajamas.

Or, if they love the silky feel of silk lingerie but are on a budget a satin nightdress is another great option.

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The most luxurious sleepwear is unquestionably that made of cashmere.

Cashmere is a wool that comes from the undercoat of the Cashmere goat; cashmere is strong, soft, and very warm, but it is much thinner than any other fabric that is comparable in warmth.

Cashmere lingerie, intimate apparel and accessories are the gold standard in luxury; however, such garments often cost thousands of dollars.

However, for deep-pocketed women, sleepwear fashioned from cashmere has no equal at all.

Cashmere requires specific care to keep it soft and supple; always thoroughly research all of the care requirements for any luxury garment before you commit to a purchase.

lace nightgown

If your budget permits, consider the purchase of a cashmere robe. Properly cared for, such a robe may become a family heirloom that will be lovingly passed down from generation to generation.

Even for women on tight budgets, comfortable and flattering sleepwear does not have to be mutually exclusive.

Long or short, a classic black lace nightgown is always in style.

If ultra feminine is the look, nothing compares to a Victorian nightgown for quiet elegance.

And, while Victorian nightgowns are usually bought new, some women prefer them as vintage nightgowns which are often available in vintage clothing stores and antique shops.

long nightgown

Remember to try everything on before you buy it, or at least purchase from a vendor with a reasonable return policy.

Don’t purchase anything that doesn’t fit.

Buying a size down in the hopes of losing weight almost never works, and too-small garments of any type are simply not flattering.

Buy the size that you are right now, and you will look fantastic no matter what number is sewn on the label.

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