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Satin Nightdress & Sleepwear Secrets

The satin nightdress is an excellent and versatile addition to the lingerie drawer of any woman.

An entire smorgasbord of womens sleepwear styles are available in this sumptuous fabric; there’s at least one to suit every age, body type, and aesthetic sensibility.

Satin Nightdress

One of the most popular styles of satin nightgowns is the vintage-inspired gown that takes its inspiration from the ever glamorous 1930’s or 40’s.

This type of satin nightdress typically falls to the tops of the feet, and has a triangular or “sweetheart” style neckline with cap or flutter sleeves.

The more elaborate satin nightgown styles may have lace panels or detailing along the bust, neckline, sleeves, or bottom hemline.

Satin Nightdress - What You Need To Know

Most retro-inspired night gowns will come with a matching or coordinating womens robe, or the option to purchase one; this is a fantastic option if you want to be able to wear your nightgown throughout all seasons of the year.

Another very popular style of satin nightdress is the satin chemise.

These garments are available virtually anywhere long nightgowns are sold, and are usually about knee-length and have spaghetti straps in lieu of actual sleeves.

Satin Sleepwear For Women

They’re flattering on almost any fit body type, and the more flowing cuts can add a few extra pounds around the abdomen, thighs, hips, or derriere rather well.

A wonderful alternative to sexy nightgowns in satin are satin pajamas, which are inspired by classic menswear designs.

Long and short versions are available; in the summer months, satin pajamas with tap pants rather than long pants are an excellent option; in the winter, you’ll almost certainly prefer satin pyjamas with long pants and long sleeves.

The warmest ladies pajamas and ladies sleepwear in satin tend to be lined with flannel, wool, or another material to help insulate the body against heat loss.

Satin Nightgown

Satin is almost always a thin material that doesn’t retain heat well, so this second layer is essential to true winter comfort.

Another excellent cold-weather option is the quilted satin pajama set or quilted satin robes, which have a satin outer with an insulating inner fabric, stitched together like a quilt.

Be sure to check your care labels thoroughly, and don’t use any harsh detergents, surfactants, or stain-removers without testing them on an invisible area of the lingerie undergarment first.

Satin Nightgowns For Women

Most satin lingerie, particularly those styles that actually hail from vintage times, are not as colorfast as modern garments and will bleed and fade if exposed to strong chemicals.

Another issue to consider when cleaning a satin nightdress is how to dry it properly.

The intimate apparel labels are your first line of defense here; read them and follow them to the letter, even if you think you could probably get away with devising your own method instead.

It’s usually wise to avoid high-heat dryer settings when dealing with delicate lingerie garments.

When in doubt, use the “air-only” setting, or drape the sleepwear gown across a drying rack instead.