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Panty Girdle - The Best Ways To Conquer A Muffin Top

Panty Girdle - When it comes to a smooth and seamless silhouette, one of the biggest no nos is around the midriff - tummy bumps and bulges that creep over the waistband - also known as the "dreaded muffin top."

The good news is that getting this stubborn area under control is easier than ever. How? With the right shapewear - more precisely, a panty girdle.

Not the heavy duty type that your grandmother wore. Those were uncomfortable, hot and bulky. What, then?

Today's control panties - in light, medium and firm control are one of the best choices for smooth middle management, and for banishing that muffin top.

Below, we've put together a quick round-up of the need-to-know essentials - from styles to fit and fabric, and more.

Panty Girdle - Opt For A High Waist Style

One of the best ways to minimize any spillage or overage is to avoid low rise panty styles that tend to cut off at the hips and squeeze everything over the top of the waistband.

Instead, opt for a high waist control girdle or panties. These will keep your entire midsection in place and contained so there’s no risk of spillage, all while smoothing any bumps and lines for a smooth and seamless shape.

Did You Know?

Thanks to celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Garner, Kim Kardashian, and even Oprah who show off their favorite shapewear, girdles and body briefers have never been more popular.

Look For Body Shaper Panels

Want additional support along the back or sides? Put your shapewear to work for you and opt for styles with body sculpting shaper panels, or for extra firm control boning across the tummy and hips.

These smoothing inserts go the extra mile in firming your abdomen and keeping your whole torso looking trim.

Today’s technology has created control shapewear that does its job while still being comfortable to wear, making these styles a flexible favorite.

Shaper Tip

The secret to panty girdles that stay in place throughout the day? Smooth body hugging nylon and microfiber fabrics with a micro elastic around the inner waist band and legs that prevents the panties from riding up.

Choose The  Right Shape Wear Fabrics

Basic cotton or everyday panties just won’t cut it when you’re trying to conquer a muffin top. Why? They simply don’t have the structure and control to give you the support that's needed to tame trouble areas.

Instead, look for heavier stretch nylon and spandex blended fabrics with thicker panels across the midsection to really keep your stomach snug and in place.

Shapewear offers 3 different levels of support:

  • Light - for a smoother silhouette. Great for lighter clothing and everyday wear.
  • Medium - for more control. Best choice for knitwear.
  • Firm - for maximum control, when you want to look your thinnest. Great for curve hugging clothing.

Get The Right Undie Fit

The most important thing to consider when choosing a panty girdle is the fit. A pair that’s too loose won’t give you the support you need to suck you in, and they’ll slip down, cutting you off and risk causing the silhouette you’re trying to avoid.

A style that’s too tight will dig in to your hips and waist and will create unsightly bulges around the legs and tummy. The look you’re going for is sleek and smooth so picking the perfect fit is essential in giving you the look you crave.

Double Up On Beautiful Lingerie

For the absolute maximum coverage and flawless figure, try doubling up your lingerie.

Wear a panty girdle under a body sculpting slip to keep your tummy and entire body looking slim and trim.

Or, try a waist cincher or corset over your panty girdle for support that extends all the way to you bust. You’ll love the way you can achieve that gorgeous hourglass figure without any unattractive lumps or softness around your midsection.

When it comes to choosing colors, the selection tends to be more limited than traditional intimate apparel - though some brands are starting to offer a greater variety.

The best advice - keep your shape wear as close to skin tone as possible so there is no show through. And, while it may be tempting to wear white under white, do try before you buy. White shows through very easily, and lead to embarrassing moments.

Wear The Right Clothing

Wear the right clothes over top.  Don’t go to all the trouble to tone your tummy in a panty girdle only to thwart your efforts in low rise jeans that can cause your muffin top to come back.

Look for high waisted denim or skirts that follow the same lines as your girdle and keep your entire waistline concealed and looking smooth.

Whether it's for a black tie affair, a wedding, a date night out, or everyday out and about, there are panties, boyshorts, waist nippers, torsettes, thongs and briefers to suit every shape wear need.