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Lingerie Undergarment - it’s a moment we’ve all experienced at one point or another - you’re rushing to get dressed and can’t find the right bra or panties. So you quickly slip on your second or third choice and promise yourself the next time you’re shopping for intimate apparel....

Fast forward, and you’re standing in the lingerie section of your local department store, looking at an amazing array of different types of bras and ladies panties - brands, styles, colours, and sizes -and thinking, “ok, now what”?

Intimate apparel can be overwhelming.  But, it doesn’t have to be.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the fundamentals of choosing lingerie undergarments. From finding your lingerie personality to style and fit basics, it becomes a lot easier when you’ve mastered the essentials.

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Lingerie Undergarment Fundamentals

What's Your Intimate Apparel Profile?

If you're not sure about your personal style, or you're simply looking for a little inspiration, a great place to start is with today's celebrities.

  • Are you a glamour girl like Sex in the City's number one chic fashionista, Carrie Bradshaw?  Consider delicate lace bras, bikini panties and whimsical tangas in peekaboo sheer fabrics with lots of fun detailing
  • Or, are you more of a modern diva like Jennifer Lopez?  Take a look at beautiful lingerie in sleek and sensational styles with simple lines like bralettes and hipster panties
  • Are you a classic beauty like Catherine Zeta Jones, Angelina Jolie, or Scarlett Johanssen?  Explore stunning satin and silk panties, and retro ladies panties with a nod to old Hollywood

  • Or, are you the ultimate girl next door like Natalie Portman, Jennifer Lawrence, or Julia Roberts?  You may prefer fresh and fabulous cotton lingerie - boy shorts, a low rise bikini, and romantic intimates with just a hint of lace

Panty Styles With Purpose

It's also important to consider the occasion too. Will you be working out at the gym, playing softball, or just relaxing at home? Will you be wearing a slim skirt, a sexy form fitting cocktail dress, fitted dress pants or clothing where panty lines are a definite no-no?

Womens thongs, tangas or sexy g strings are tailor-made to minimize panty lines.

It’s a good idea to have a good mixture of thongs in lace, cotton, mesh, and silk...whichever fabrics you find most comfortable, AND sexy!

If you're jogging or doing high impact (aerobics?) exercise, look for shapewear with a snug fit with good coverage.

This will give you a bit of support, the panty won't ride up every time you move, and you won't be constantly tugging it back into place.

Cotton with a touch of lycra is a great choice because cotton, a natural fiber breathes and is very comfortable.

Getting The Right Underwear Fit

Underwear brands, sizes, and styles can vary a lot. So, it's important to try panties you choose, on (over your own panties) in the store before you buy them to determine how they fit and more importantly how they feel.

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Move around in the dressing room. Stand up tall and sit down...take a bit of extra time and make sure they fit comfortably.

Cotton or cotton with lycra (spandex) is also an excellent option for your everyday vanilla lingerie undergarment that you can wear to work or just lounge around in.

If you like the comfort of cotton but find it a bit boring, try looking for a cotton panty style that's sleek and sexy with a satin, baby mesh or lace trim.

Lingerie Undergarment Problems?

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Are you trying to hide a tiny tummy bulge for a special date this weekend? There are panties for that too.

Try one of the great shapewear styles...they vary from light support to extra heavy duty. Soft microfiber with lycra fabric is the best choice, because it's so soft and comfy on the skin.

Looking for an ooh la la sexy panty? Bikini panties, thongs, gorgeous lace knickers and tap panties are all great suggestions.

Wearing sexy panties and feeling your self confidence soar is second to none. Don't be modest, try something totally different! Have fun and let your inner lingerie diva shine through!

How Many Pairs of Panties?

Whatever panty styles you end up choosing for your lingerie drawer, you'll want several pairs, so you can rotate them.

A good idea is to have at least two of each type listed above, that way you are covered for most any occasion.

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When you do find a lingerie undergarment style that you're very comfortable in, go ahead and purchase six, eight, ten pairs...whatever your budget allows.

Why so many? Panty styles and fabrics change from time to time and may not be repeated or available for purchase the next time you want to buy them.

Better to have a few extra on hand and tuck them in the back of your lingerie drawer for use at a later date!

Lingerie Undergarment Tips

Your lingerie undergarment or panty size may fluctuate throughout the year...things like weight gain or loss, exercise, birth control, having babies, and getting older, etc. can change your panty size.

So, it’s a good idea to check your panty drawer and make sure you have the basics in place.

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