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Womens Thongs - The Style, Size & Fit Essentials You Need To Know

Womens Thongs – Whether you're on a mission to avoid the dreaded VPL (visible panty line), or you just love the beautiful way these popular panties look (and the positive reaction they get), there's no denying that they have lots of admirers.

Womens Thongs

Why thongs?  Sexy and stylish, they offer less derriere coverage than traditional panty styles like briefs, hipsters and boy shorts.

They do, however, offer more than g and t strings, which makes them a great choice for form-fitting dresses, skirts, pants, and jeans.

Whether you've never tried them before, or you're a true blue fan looking for insider tips, no worries.

Finding the perfect panties that flatter your figure and make you look your very best has never been easier when you focus on the 5 following elements.

Womens Thongs - The Easy Essentials

The Panty  Waist

Often overlooked, the waist is a key factor in finding the perfect womens thongs that show off your shape, no matter which style you choose to wear.

  • A waistband that’s too tight will cause bulges, and one that’s too loose won’t stay up properly, causing you to constantly tug
  • A narrow elastic waistband works well for petites, while curvier women should look for panties with wider waistbands to balance their proportions
  • A wide stretch lace waistband is universally comfortable and flattering on any body type

Lingerie Tip - There are a multitude of different panty styles that vary from the classic high-cut thong panties to the peekaboo skimpy g-string panties and T-back - also known as the T-string.

The Style of the Panty

While the rise of thong panties is typically higher than regular panties, there are a few tips to consider to get the perfect fit for your shape.

Take a closer look at the shape of the leg opening and the waist to get the right thong for your silhouette.

  • A pair with a higher cut leg will elongate your legs and make petites appear taller
  • Women who are tall and have athletic builds can look for leg openings that are cut straighter across to add the illusion of more curves
  • For the waist, plus sized women should look ladies panties with a straight cut to contrast their curves
  • Women with boyish figures can choose womens panties with a waist that dips in the centre to add shape and enhance their silhouette

High Rise Thong

Undie Size Matters More Than You Think

It might seem like a no-brainer to choose panties in the right size, but no matter what other elements your panties have to offer, they won’t look and feel fantastic if you’re in the wrong size.

Not sure what makes a great fit? Here are a  few tips -

  • Don’t get caught up in the size that's on the label. Panty sizes like bras vary a lot, especially when it comes to womens thongs. The solution? Buy for the right fit and not to squeeze into a particular size
  • Panties that are too small will ride up, and you'll find that you're constantly tugging at them. Also, not so pretty lumps and bumps can appear under your clothing, which is not a great look
  • On the opposite side, if panties are too big, they’ll droop down in the waist, bag in the seat and / or hang in the crotch. The solution? Go up a size and reassess how they fit
  • Find a pair of panties that sit comfortable in place and skim your skin with no bumps or bulges
  • A quick change-room test to help you determine if you've found the perfect pair? Do a quick sit down, reach up, twist side to side. If they feel fabulous, then you'll know you’ve found the perfect fit

Lingerie Tip – Never assume you're one size across the board. Panty sizes can vary from style to style and manufacturer to manufacturer.

The Lingerie Fabric

Certain lingerie fabrics like cotton or stretch lace are universally flattering and look great on any woman.  Others are better suited to certain body types.

  • Women who want to increase their curviness should look for fabrics with texture like mesh, or panties that are embellished with ruffles or rusching
  • Those who want to hide any flaws like cellulite should look for thicker fabrics or prints like florals, polka dots, or animal prints to keep the eye moving and distract from any spots you want to disguise
  • Shiny or satiny fabrics can enhance problem areas so they should be avoided if you’re trying to mask any flaws

Lingerie Tip - Wearing low rise jeans? Avoid the high-cut styles and try a sheer bikini or g string thong. Wearing white summer pants? A seamless French thong in a neutral or nude color is a great choice and will assure no visible panty lines.

Ladies Panties - The Best Coverage

Let’s not forget about the rear view when choosing the perfect womens thongs for your silhouette.

  • Shorter thongs and g string styles are universally flattering on any shape. Thongs, tangas and full coverage pairs look great on full figured women who want less exposure
  • Thong or tanga styles look great on curvy women who want to celebrate their shape and flaunt what they’ve got

Lingerie Tip - If you have delicate or sensitive skin, soft and stretchy intimate apparel fabrics like cotton with lycra (or spandex), silk, satin, or microfiber panties are a great option.