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Demi Bra Myths That Will Surprise You

Demi Bra - Beautifully stylish with a flattering shape that’s ultra chic without really trying, these bras are ideal for everything from black tie formal to weekend casual.

demi bra

Known as one of the five classic underwire bra styles, demi cup bras are also called half cup or half bras - demi is a French term that means half.

Offering wide set straps and less coverage than a traditional full cup bra and more than their sexy sibling, the balconette, these popular bras are designed to show off the top part of the breasts - which makes them a perfect choice for your low-cut wardrobe favorites.

Wonderfully feminine and supportive, they can be worn from A to DD+, and are a great choice for pushing a bustline up without creating a lot of obvious cleavage. 

Below, a closer look at one of the most beautiful pin-ups of the lingerie world.

You Need To Have The Perfect Body For A Demi Bra

A big NO to this myth! First of all, no woman has the perfect body, well not unless you're Elle Macpherson, and second of all, this myth simply isn’t true.

Small busts will love the boost they get from demi bras, especially with strategically placed padding at the bottom of the bust to create even more cleavage.

Full figured sizes? No worries, they're perfectly supported by the underwire frame and structure from below the bust, and their curves are accentuated front and centre.

Average sizes love how the half bra fits and flatters their figure, creating just enough cleavage and a gorgeous shape.

No one needs to have a model’s figure, fit into a specific size, or have the right body type to rock a demi cup bra.

 These Types of Bras Are Only For X Rated Looks

Demi bras are not X rated. They are definitely famous for boosting the bust and giving your cleavage a starring role. And, they're a must-have style for a sexy luxe look.

But, this bra has more versatility than just sultry situations, and can actually be worn as an everyday bra. Our recommendations - opt for - 

  • a beautiful pastel shade in all over lace for a ladylike look
  • a clean and simple jewel toned satin for classic feminine types
  • ultra soft cotton for sporty women who want a look that’s fresh
  • printed half cup bras for those who favor a fun and flirty look

These bras can work with any woman’s personal style and are part of a complete lingerie wardrobe that works from everyday wear to an beautiful ensemble.

If you do want to increase the sweet sex appeal of a demi bra, look for mesh or sheer lace cups with more detailing, and pair it with sexy panties and garters instead of everyday underwear.

The demi style can go whichever way you would like, depending on the style you choose and how you wear it with lingerie that you have.

Beautiful Lingerie Tip

Since these pretty bras are cut so low they're virtually invisible under clothing, especially when you opt for a seamless cup.

They often have supportive boning on the sides, underwires for lift, and light padding much like push up bras. And, they often come with wider set bra straps.

 This Bra Style Isn't Great Under Clothing

If you think demi bras are for the boudoir only, you’re mistaken.

This common myth has everyone thinking that there is a need to separate demi bras for romantic encounters, and traditional full cup bras for every day wear.

Demi bras are perfect under any clothing, especially with silky smooth microfiber bra cups that become invisible under any fabric.

The right fit means you’ll have a sleek figure with just the right amount of cleavage to be tasteful for everyday situations.

For more flexibility with your wardrobe, opt for a style with convertible straps and pick neutral colors that will go easily with your clothing.

Forget the myth that these beautiful bras can’t be worn daily, and make them a part of your favorite lingerie lineup.