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Warner Bras - A Guide To The Easy Essentials

Warner Bras - As women, we're very particular in what we wear and how we look. These factors affect how we feel about ourselves. And, when it comes to clothing, everything should be perfect from tip to toe, including our lingerie undergarments.

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As a result, many of today’s well dressed women turn to lingerie and intimate apparel companies that they recognize and trust for quality brassieres and undergarments that are affordable and most of all comfortable.

The American intimate apparel manufacturer, Warner lingerie is undoubtedly one of the most well known intimate apparel companies in business today. But, who is Warner lingerie and how did they come to be an industry leader?

Warner Bras And Lingerie

Flash back several hundred years and there were no such things as the brassieres that we know today. What most women wore at that time to support their breasts were corsets.

A very restrictive one piece undergarment that started at the breasts and ended at the hips, the corset and bustiers of yesteryear was often manufactured with vertical steel inserts that left many women quite breathless and very uncomfortable.

Over time society became less restrictive of women, and clothing styles evolved to reflect this new freedom.

The traditional corset as we know it was cast aside and the precursor to the modern day brassiere was born. But, who was the impetus?

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An American socialite by the name of Mary Phelps-Jacobs secured the first bra patent way back in 1914 under the name of Caresse Crosby.

The earliest concept of a bra that Phelps-Jacobs (aka Caresse Crosby) came up with was the simple yet clever idea of joining two silk handkerchiefs (the bra itself) together with ribbons as the bra straps.

Although several women were interested, sales for Mary’s patented bras were not exactly stellar and the concept languished for quite some time.

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This led to her decision to sell the patent rights of her unique creation to the Warner Brothers Corset Company for the paltry sum of $1500.

The Warner brothers knew what they were doing and decided to run with it.

With the brassiere patent in hand, by the early 1920’s the Warner lingerie company was generating revenues of more than $12 million dollars a year.

In a matter of a few short years, old fashioned corsets were out and brassieres were in.

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Brassieres were clearly a hit with women everywhere and were far more comfortable and affordable than the bulky and restrictive lingerie undergarments of yesteryear.

Fast forward 90+ years and the love affair with brassieres and intimate apparel continues to grow.

On average a woman has a minimum of six (6) brassieres in her lingerie drawer, and several specialty bras.

Here is a sampling of just a few of the brassieres currently on the market…

… …the choice in brassieres goes on an on and is virtually endless.

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Where To Shop For Warner Lingerie

With such a long and rich history, Warner bras and lingerie have perfected the combination of quality, efficiency, reliability and comfort.

They are available in most department stores throughout the United States and Canada, and through several online lingerie shopping sites, such as Amazon and eBay clothing.

Smaller online retailers may also carry Warner bras, but it is important to be a tad cautious and only shop with trusted retailers that have a solid reputation.

Some of those online stores are:

  • Macy's
  • Freshpair.com
  • Herroom

Here’s a quick bra shopping tip - You can also check out the Warner official site, http://www.warners.com and use their “Store Finder” feature to locate stores selling Warner bras close to you.

Some brick and mortar department stores and junior department stores that offer Warner lingerie include:

  • Sears
  • The Bay
  • Walmart
  • Zellers

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Today, women are no longer confined by the uncomfortable corsets and restrictive lingerie undergarments of a hundred years ago.

Intimate apparel manufacturers like Warners continue to listen to what women want and need, and as a result they offer a bounty of beautiful brassieres and lingerie that women can look forward to wearing with confidence.