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Half Cup Bras: 7 Behind The Scenes Things You Should Know

If you don’t have a drawer full of half cup bras, or already love them as much as we do, it’s time for an eye opening education on this stunning style.

Our behind-the-scenes info on these popular demi bras will have you clamoring to stock up on this beautiful lingerie that fits and flatters any woman’s body. Here are our top 7 insider tips:

 Half Cup Bras Fit Any Silhouette

Yes, even you can wear a half bra and enjoy its amazing benefits for your own unique shape. Not many bras boast the quality to fit and flatter breasts of all shapes and sizes the way the half bra can.

Petites get a boost from below to help create cleavage, while full figures are able to show off their curves in a supportive style that provides all the lift they need without any frumpiness.

Half Cup Bras: Choose Padding Carefully

Unlike fully padded bras, which just add bulk everywhere, half bras offer padding options to choose from based on the look you want.

If you prefer your bust to hug together towards the centre, look for padding at the outer sides of the cups. If you’re looking to lift your bust upward, choose padding at the bottom of the cups to help lift.

And if you’re perfectly satisfied without padding, choose a sweet and simple style that lets your natural shape take centre stage.

 Half Cup Bras: Clothing Will You Be Wearing

If you’re looking for a half or demi bra that’s strictly for the a special occasion, then don’t hold back when it comes to decorative trims like ruffles, bows, beading, and lace.

If you want a bra style that you can wear every day, under clothing, opt for seamless bra cups in a sleek fabric like silk, satin, or better yet, microfiber.

 Don't Go Too Tight On Half Bras

Ask Carmen...

Q. What is the difference between the half bra and the balconette bra styles?

A. Similar in shape to the balconette bra, the half bra style tends to be less revealing, offering more coverage.

Some women believe that the tighter the bra, the more cleavage they’ll create.

While this may seem like a good idea, what actually happens is that a tight band causes back and underarm rolls, too small bra cups creates spillage and a lumpy silhouette, and straps that are cinched too tightly causes your bra to ride up and actually reduces your cleavage.

Stick with a half bra that fits your bust properly, and offers the most comfortable bra fit.

 Stock Up On Your Favorite Half Cup Bras

Any well stocked lingerie drawer should include one neutral half bra that you can wear every day, in microfiber or silk and in a color like black or nude; one that fits your own personal style, such as a sporty cotton style, a classic satin bra, or a frou frou feminine style; and one daring lace or peekaboo brassiere to wear when you’re in the mood for romance.

half bra

 Mix & Match Half Cup Bras

Half bras make a perfect addition to any lingerie collection because they look great with any of your other intimate apparel.

Don’t be afraid of mixing bras and lingerie that don’t necessarily match. Create your own fun and flirty bra and panty sets by combining the pieces you already have with your half bras for even more ways to wear this must-have style.

 Half Cup Bras: Keep It Comfy!

half cup bras

One of our top trade secrets for looking great in any bra is to find a piece that fits and feels comfortable all day long.

The half bra can be the comfiest bra in your collection if you find one that fits properly and is made of fabrics that are soft and breathable, instead of stiff or scratchy materials that irritate your skin.

The same goes for trims like ribbons or lace – make sure they feel as great as they look so you can wear your bra with comfort and ease.

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