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5 Best Bra Fit Tips For  A Beautiful Silhouette

Bra Fit - Having a stunning figure means more than simply popping into your favorite La Perla push up bra or slipping into that a plunging Goddess bra that shows off your assets.

Instead, the crucial factor (and what most of us forget!) in creating enviable curves is in the way that your bra fits.

Get it right and you’ll appear taller, thinner, and curvier in all the right places.

Get it wrong and well, let's just say that the looks you get won't be the ones you want! Read on for our best fit tips for a beautiful silhouette:

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Bra Fit Tip: Take The Weight Off Your Shoulders

Contrary to what what most of us believe mother really does know best! Listen to what she has been telling you all these years and stand up straight.

An ill bra fitting doesn’t distribute the weight of your bust evenly and tends to put all of the weight in the straps, which creates hunched posture, strap indentations that make your shoulders sore, and a rounded back.

Look for a bra that provides support from 3 key places: the bra band, the cups, and the straps for an even fit that takes the pressure off of your shoulders and let’s you stand tall and proud.

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Did You Know?

No two silhouettes are the same, and bras that look and feel fabulous on one woman may not look as great on another woman simply because our breasts are all shaped differently!

Your Bra Cups Runneth Over!

The key to making the most of your curves, regardless of your bust size, is to find perfectly fitting bra cups. This means they’re not too empty or full, and that your breasts fill them out comfortably.

Bra cups that are too small will have you spilling out the sides and bulging out the top, creating a lumpy shape under your clothing.

And, it goes without saying that the opposite is true. If the cups are too big for your bust they’ll be gaping open and leaving your bra edges protruding.

No matter how sure you are that you know your correct bra size, it’s always important to try before you buy to ensure that the cut of the cups is just right for your shape.

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                     Not Sure What Your Bra Size Is? 

Visit the lingerie section of your local department store, and make an appointment with a trained bra fitter.

She'll take your bra measurements, ask about your wardrobe preferences, assess your breast shape, and make suggestions on which types of bras and lingerie brands are a good fit for your silhouette.

Don't Forget The Bra Band

Too many of us make this embarrassing mistake all the time – trying on a bra in the fitting room and only looking at it from the front view. Doing this means you’re forgetting half of your figure.

Creating a flattering silhouette means keeping your back free from lumps, bumps, bulges, and rolls that are caused by bras that don’t fit properly.

So, please please make sure your bra band fits snugly enough to support you, but isn’t so tight that it squeezes your back and pinches your skin.

Look for back smoothing styles with extra coverage, or front closure bras that keep the back seamless if you want an even sleeker rear silhouette.

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Opt For A Brassiere With Some Structure

Flimsy cups can be cute for wearing in the boudoir, but when it comes to moving about your day, most of us require a little more support from our bras than just looking cute!

Look for lightly molded cups for a universally flattering fit, or opt for a little bit of padding if you need a little more oomph.

A sturdier cup provides extra lift and holds you in from all angles, keeping your bust looking perky and your shape from looking saggy.

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Beautiful Lingerie - Move Around!

None of us holds a mannequin pose as we go through our day; in fact the opposite is true as we dash in and out of cars, on and off subways, up and down elevators, and well you get the idea. We're constantly on the go!

This is why it’s so important to find a bra that moves with you, instead of just looking pretty when you’re standing still. Help create a silhouette that looks beautiful no matter what you’re doing by putting your bra to the test in the fitting room.

Lean forward to make sure you don’t spill out of the cups, lift your arms above your head to check that your bra doesn’t ride up. Do a little dance, and try whatever movement works for you.!

Your goal is to make sure you have the best fit, that will move through your day without shifting. When your bra stays in place you can be confident that your figure will look fantastic all day long.

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