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Take Off Bra:
The Best Way In Under 10 Seconds

Take Off Bra - From speed dating and speed walking to speed networking, there’s a clear trend of getting things done and doing them quickly.  

Not only can you take off your bra in lighting speed, but you can do it properly to preserve your best bras.

We’re also sharing our tips for what to do with your bra once you take it off, from proper storage and care, so that you can be in and out of your lingerie undergarments again and again. Here’s our under-10-seconds way to take off your bra -

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 Take Off Bra: The Twist And Shout

Most women take their bra off by slipping the straps off their shoulders and twisting the band around to the front so they can easily access the clasp.

This is a quick and easy method that works for just about anyone and lets you see what you’re doing instead of fumbling around behind your back.

Take care when doing this and make sure that you’re not yanking on your bra as you turn it around.

Sometimes we’re in such a rush that we feel the need to use extra force, but when it comes to anything regarding lingerie and intimate apparel, a light touch is always best.

You can still slip your bra off in less than ten seconds without stretching or distorting the delicate fabric.

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 Take Off Bra: The Reach Behind Method

Agile women, or those who had mastered the art of coordination, can simply reach behind their backs, undo the clasp, and shrug their bra off their shoulders.

This is a quick and easy method that doesn’t require any pulling or yanking your bra around, but it does require a little advanced dexterity.

Try to learn this technique if you’re up for a little agility challenge.


Take Off Bra: The Overhead Method

We love bandeau bras and sports bras for the comfort of not having a clasp, but taking them off takes a little more squirming.

You can still take your bra off in a flash, but take the best care of your brassieres by pulling them overhead instead of wiggling them down over your hips.

This will stretch the fabric less than pulling your bra down, and reduces the chances of you stepping on or tripping over your bra in the process.

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 Bra Care: Now What?

How you treat your bra after it’s off is just as important as how you get it off. Proper care greatly increases the longevity of your intimates.

After wearing your bra all day it’s important to let it breathe. Don’t ball it up and cram it into an overstuffed drawer. Lay it flat and let it breathe before putting it away.

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To store, stack bras flat in your drawer, or twist gently at the centre and fold the cups inside one another. Shoving your bra into your lingerie drawer can bend the wires or crease the cups.

Once a molded bra cup gets wrinkled it can be hard to smooth it out again, meaning you’ll be stuck with a noticeably lumpy shape under your clothing.

Even though you can take your bra off in under ten seconds, make sure you spend another few after it’s off to properly care and store your lingerie so you can enjoy it for a long time to come.

Beautiful Lingerie Tip...

Here's a quick rule of thumb - if a bra is stretched to its limit or no longer supports as it should, it's time to say bye bye to the old brassiere and hello to a new one!

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