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How A Bra Size Calculator Can Make You Look Like Gisele Bundchen

Bra Size Calculator - Let's face it, everyone wants a little more va-va-voom in our lives, especially when it comes to lingerie and intimate apparel.

Alas. most of us mere mortals aren’t blessed with the endless legs and killer curves of famous supermodels like Gisele Bundchen, but with a few simple tips and tricks just about anyone can achieve buxom beauty that rivals her effortless sex appeal.

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The first step to channeling her fierce femininity is nailing the perfect bra size, which is easily done by inputting your measurements into an online bra size calculator.

Once the calculator helps you to determine your bra size, you’ll be well on your way to showing off enviable curves like Gisele. Here’s how...

 Boost Your Bustline With The Best Bra Size Calculator

Whether you’re petite or full figured, a perfect bra fitting makes the most of your size and shape and maximizes your curves.

Using a size calculator to determine your precise size makes choosing a great fitting bra a breeze, and it’s the first step to boosting a smaller bust, lifting a plus size chest, or perfectly framing any figure so you can flaunt what you’re naturally blessed with.

bra size calculator

 The Correct Bra Size = Super Model Confidence

Surprise, surprise, the real secret to Gisele’s success isn’t her genes; it’s her take-charge attitude and unstoppable confidence that makes her undeniably sexy and stunning.

You don’t need to have a perfect body to dazzle with the same sense of self-confidence.

Looking truly beautiful comes from feeling comfortable and relaxed, which is easy to do when you’ve got the assurance of a perfectly fitting bra.

Get your own powerful and provocative attitude by using a bra size calculator to give you the right bra fit to look and feel your best.

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 The Right Bra Measurements = Long and Lean Shape

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Slip on a bra that fits like a glove and you’ll instantly transform the rest of your body. What happens when you get a great fit?

First off, the weight is taken off your straps, letting you relax your shoulders which helps your posture. 

Bra cups that fit well provide proper support, lifting the breasts upward and off your torso making you look longer and slimmer.

As a result, it's much easier to hold yourself with a poise that makes your entire silhouette look sleeker and sexier....like Gisele's. A great foundation is behind the amazingly effortless look of many of today's supermodels.

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The Fit Tip

Keep in mind that bra sizes are not cast in stone and should only be used as a guideline. Bra styles, sizes and fabrics vary from one lingerie manufacturer to another. 

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The Right Bra Sizes Battle Bulges

Squeezing into a too-tight bra is a recipe for disaster - rolls, lumps, and bumps.

Your bra cups will bulge, and your underarms and back will feel like bursting out of the bra band and sides, making you look and feel uncomfortable.

We've all been there at one point or another and it's an awful feeling!

Using a bra size calculator means that you can choose a bra that is snug enough to support you, but doesn’t make you look like you’ll bust out.

Anyone can emulate Gisele’s sleek and smooth figure by slipping on a bra that fits like a glove.... and hugs your curves, without pinching or squeezing.

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 Banish Empty Bra Cups!

You’ll never see Gisele in a baggy bra or drowning in cups that are too big, so why settle for an ill fit for yourself? Even the smallest busts can appear curvier when you find perfectly fitting cups that show off your shape.

Try a bra size calculator to pick a bra that hugs your shape and creates just the right amount of cleavage and you too can rival any famous models curves!

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