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The Correct Bra Size - How To Get It Right

Correct Bra Size - No matter how chic your clothing is, how perfect your blowout or manicure is, or even if you’re accessorized like a fashion editor, if you don’t have a great fitting bra, it really doesn't matter what you wear. 

Why? A beautiful look begins behind the scenes with great undergarments. It's akin to building a beautiful new home - without the best possible foundation, the outside doesn't look as sleek and tailored as it should.

Choosing the correct bra size is one of the best ways to look great in whatever you want to wear.

Bras and beautiful lingerie that fit well act as the support and foundation - they help you look fabulous, from your bottom layer to your finishing touches.

Want to know more? The best place to start is with the bras that you've chosen. Are they the right styles for the occasion and your clothing?  Once you've decided on the types of bras you want, you can then focus on the size.

Here, we share the tips and tricks for getting the correct bra size, and mastering the art of a beautiful look no matter which styles you've chosen.

Seek A Professional Bra Fitting

First, don't let it intimidate you. You've got this!

Stop by a local lingerie boutique that specializes in bras and intimate apparel, or a department store with a good bra selection, and have a fitter properly measure you to determine your bra size.

While it may be tempting to measure yourself at home, if it's your first time it may be a good idea to seek the help of a professional bra fitter.

Why? You'll get a more accurate measurement and won't be contorting your body in the mirror trying to do it yourself - especially when you're not sure if you're doing it the right way.

A professional bra fitting is a free service and available at most specialty and department stores.

Another upside - lingerie fitters are professionals that have a seasoned eye. Good ones know the bra brands well, and can point you in the right direction, eliminating a lot of the guesswork (and saving your precious time).

They'll be able to recommend brands and styles that will be suited to your shape and size so you won’t have to comb the racks looking at every single bra.

A great fitting bra feels like you're wearing nothing.

For The Best Bra Fit, Try It Under Regular Clothing

You’re in the fitting room, and you’ve found a bra that looks beautiful, fits well, and feels comfortable. So that’s it, right?

Wrong. Don’t make the mistake of buying a bra without slipping a top on over it to see what it looks like under your clothing.

What looks great on it’s own might give you an awkward shape, lumpy texture, or unflattering silhouette under your clothing.

So, it's worth it to take a few extra minutes and see if the bras you've chosen pass the clothing test.

If you didn’t bring the right top for trying over your bras, ask a salesperson to bring you a simple camisole that you can slip on.

Bra Shopping 101

If you're going for a bra fitting or need extra help from the sales person, try to schedule your shopping trip during non-peak hours.

They'll be able to spend more time focused on getting you the best bras and intimate apparel for your shape and size.

 Correct Bra Size = All Supportive Elements

There are a few key elements of a perfectly fitting bra – the bra band, the straps, and the cups.

Make sure to pay attention to all of these elements when determining your correct bra size and finding the right one for your body.

  • If the band and cups aren’t supportive enough it will place all the weight on your shoulders, dragging you down and causing bad posture.
  • If the bra band is too snug it will cause lumps, bumps, and bulges.
  • If the bra cups are the wrong size they’ll look baggy or you’ll be bursting out.

It’s a matter of finding a lingerie undergarment that’s the proper size and fits well in all areas for a sleek, smooth, and supported silhouette.

 Try Different Bra Sizes

Even after you’ve found your correct bra size and measurements, you’ll still need to try on several styles each time you shop to make sure you’ve got the right fit.

Sizes vary A LOT from brand to brand, and style to style, so while you might be a 36C in a Victoria’s Secret bra you may have to try a sister size in a Calvin Klein or Triumph style.

This means you size up or down one band size and up or down one cup size. In this case you might try either a 34 or 38 band, and a B or D cup.

A sister size keeps your band-to-cup ratio the same, so you’re not choosing a size that’s out of sync with your usual proportions.

Bra Tip

Generally, you'll want to replace your bras every 6 months to 2 years. If, you wear your favorites on a regular basis you may want to replace them sooner.

Mastering bra sizes is easy peasy with a few tips.

Correct Bra Size Tip - Don't Be Shy, Move Around!

Get the perfect look that everyone wants by choosing a bra that fits well and moves with your body as you go through your day. How do you do this?  In the fitting room make sure to:

  • stretch your arms overhead
  • lean forward
  • twist side to side

These tips will help ensure your bra isn’t riding up, slipping down, or causing you to pop out of the cups.

When bra shopping, don't be tied to the tag size.

Remember that the best bra size is the one that helps you feel secure and supported, which makes you comfortable and confident in knowing that you’ll look great all day long.