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Chantelle Bras In Plus Sizes - The 5 Best Things

Chantelle bras in plus sizes ... Often times plus size women have a hard time bra shopping for lingerie undergarment styles that are affordable, figure flattering in fit, fashionable, and comfortable.

chantelle bras

With such a large demographic of plus size women one French lingerie company that is getting it right is Chantelle lingerie.

Not only does Chantelle have appealing full figure bras that women can appreciate they also have plus size bras that actually fit well.

They are made as much for appeal as they are for every day women on the go...

  • Bra Sizes - The most notable difference between Chantelle bras and their competitors is cup size. Unlike many other companies Chantelle offers bra sizes ranging from A to H.

    By having so many choices when it comes to bra sizes they are able to offer a great selection to a group of women that other lingerie brands are not catering to.

  • Chantelle Bras In Plus Sizes

  • Comfort - Another reason Chantelle bras have an edge on the intimate apparel market is because they use fabrics that are supportive and soft to the touch. The most common fabrics used are nylon blends and luxury laces.

    Chantelle lingerie also provides wider bra straps with lightweight padding to take pressure off the back and shoulders; back closures often consist of four hook and eye closures for additional back support.

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  • Fashion - Just because full figured bras are bought for practicality comfort does not mean they have to be unfeminine. This is where Chantelle really shines.

    Elegant and classical, Chantelle bras come in a wide variety of different types of bras, that range from sleek and seamless T shirt bras to provocative and sensual plus size demi cup bras.

  • Flattering bra fit - Above all else Chantelle lingerie offers great bra plus size fit to fuller breasted women. Most styles offer a supportive yet flexible underwire with bra cups that are constructed to provide a comfortable, stretch, seamless and smooth shape.
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    Affordability - A great advantage of Chantelle bras in plus sizes is their affordability. Prices typically range from $50.00 to $85.00 for their plus size bras and intimate apparel, which given that it is quality French lingerie is quite reasonable.

    Ultimately Chantelle bras in plus sizes provide many options to plus size women all over the world.

    They offer brassieres and panties that are comfortable to wear, appealing to the eye and senses, affordable, and have a fit that is flattering to a multitude of different shapes and sizes.

    With as many options as this intimate apparel company offers to its ideal demographic, there is certainty in knowing that Chantelle lingerie will continue to be loved by women with curves throughout the world.