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Why Vanity Fair Bras Are Popular

Vanity Fair bras are popular brassieres for a number of reasons. A well-known and sought after brand, Vanity Fair lingerie offers a revolutionary line of full figured bras that are specifically designed to fit women who wear c to dd bras.

These are feminine brassieres that support the breasts comfortably, and are affordably priced.

In the past, many traditional full bras designed for large-busted women look matronly and industrial, with heavy strapping and industrial-strength hooks for closure.

Vanity Fair lingerie is changing that norm, however; these bra styles are sleek and sophisticated, but don’t compromise one iota in the support department.

Their brassieres have fully lined cups for complete modesty, and shoulder straps that are wide enough to remain comfortable for everyday wear.

And, the lower bra bands are wide enough so as not to become binding or uncomfortable, even after a long day.

vanity fair bras

Vanity Fair Bras Are Amazing

Vanity Fair lingerie also offers bra and panties that match for a more tailored and put together look.

Vanity Fair panties are optimized for comfort and are generally full-cut along the bottom, with high legs and a waistband that hits below the navel. Great for minimizing panty lines!

They come in a variety of classic panty styles, including:

  • bikini panties
  • hipster panties
  • full brief panties
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Bra Care

Vanity Fair bras are designed to provide many months of quality wear. But, it’s also important to remember that gentle care extend the lifespan of any brassieres and lingerie significantly.

All brassieres and intimate apparel should, ideally, be hand-washed with a gentle soap designed for lingerie or delicates.

If this is inconvenient, bras and panties should be placed in a mesh lingerie bag and washed on the delicate cycle of a washing machine using luke warm water.

The same rules about cleansers apply; always use a wash designed for lingerie that contains no harsh detergents, abrasives, or bleaches.

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Gentle cleansers for lingerie delicates can usually be found in the lingerie department when bra shopping.

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Read the fabric care labels carefully; lingerie should be dried on a line or a rack whenever possible, as the heat of a clothes dryer may harm silks and other specialty fabrics.

After washing your lingerie, take a careful look at the bra cups. If there are any ridges or dimples as a result of washing, you should smooth them out with your fingers before the bra dries.

Why? If, the bra cups aren't smooth when they dry, they'll dry with their ridges / dimples and this will be problem when you wear tight fitting blouses, t-shirts, and tops.

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Bra cups will dry in whatever shape they find themselves; once the fabric is dry, the only way to re-shape misshapen cups is to wash and dry the bra again.

To help the large cup bras retain their shape when they’re in your lingerie drawer, fold them in half with the cups nested in each other.

This is also the best way to maximize your lingerie drawer space, allowing you to fit a greater number of full figure bras or plus size bras into a small lingerie drawer.

Panties can simply be folded in half and stacked in a similar manner to keep them looking their best.