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Sleepwear Gown Fundamentals - How To Avoid Styles That Don't Fit

Sleepwear Gown - If you’ve ever experienced frustration trying to find a nightgown that’s actually flattering to your shape, you’re not alone. Many women end up wearing a nighty that doesn't fit or do their figures any favors.

Our easy guide shows you how to say yes to the right nightgowns and say no to styles that simply don’t fit. Here’s what to look for, and what to avoid when finding sleep wear that fits well and looks fantastic:

sleepwear gown

Sleepwear Gown: The Dos

Do try several styles -

  • What you think might be the perfect style may fall short of your expectations once you’ve actually put it on
  • Avoid going home with the wrong gown by taking several styles into the fitting room at a time
  • You may be surprised at some of the different looks that you love, but you’ll never know until you try

Do show off your shape -

  • While it may be big and roomy a long billowing night gown doesn’t fit the bill when you want to show off a curvy shape
  • If you're looking to enhance your curves, look for styles that are shaped to define the waist, hug your bust, or have a low scoop neck to show off your décolletage
  • Womens nightgowns that incorporate these elements embrace and reveal your unique curves
Womens nightgowns in white cotton are fresh and fabulous for the spring / summer season.

Do reveal a little skin -

  • Keep in mind that there are a variety of lengths to choose from and wearing a long night gown doesn’t have to mean covering yourself head to toe
  • Want to kick it up a notch? Cast modestly aside and dare to bare some leg with a thigh high slit
  • Or, show off your arms in a sleeveless nighty or try a low V-neck style that reveals a hint of cleavage

  • Showing a bit of skin breaks up the lines of a long gown and creates a longer and leaner silhouette

Carmen's Tip...

Whether it is luxury lingerie or cheap lingerie, items placed in a washing machine are at an increased risk for rips and tears.

If the label recommends machine wash and you're not sure, opt for a mesh garment bag on a gentle cycle to guard against damage.

Sleepwear Gown: The Dont's

Don't hide your figure -

  • Avoid any womens sleepwear styles that are tent-shaped and overwhelm your silhouette, or those that have enough fabric to make a set of drapes
  • Avoid sleepwear styles that are too long and / or put you at a risk for tripping
  • Avoid too much material and boxy cut gowns will make your shape appear shorter and wider, instead of showing off your shape.
Comfortable cotton gowns can be worn year round.

Don't cover up your best assets -

  • Contrary to popular belief, a long gown doesn’t mean that you have to totally cover ALL the way up
  • Sometimes it's good to think outside the box and try something new. If you've always worn long shapeless gowns, look for styles that are fun and refreshing and show off your best assets
  • Here are a few suggestions. Consider sleepwear for women that plays up your favorite areas, whether it’s a slit to reveal your long legs, a sweetheart neckline to show off your collarbone, shoulders and décolletage, or a smocked bodice style that hugs your bust
cotton nightgowns

Don't choose the wrong fabric -

  • Often forgotten but oh so important, fabric matters when it comes to sleepwear for women. 
  • Why? You can choose the perfect sleepwear gown, but if it's the wrong fabric that's either uncomfortable or doesn't look great, guess where it usually ends up - banished to the back of the closet

  • It's important to consider the pros and cons of different fabrics and how they work with your preferences
  • Do you prefer natural and / or organic nightgowns in cotton or linen? Do you have sensitive skin or allergies?
Nightgowns in cotton or organic fabrics are great for sensitive skin.
  • Another thing to consider is your body type and how the sleepwear gown you choose will be worn. For lounging? Or, lounging and sleeping?
  • Shiny satins and high gloss fabrics can highlight and magnify problem areas, so it's important to remember that when choosing night gowns in this fabric
  • Satins and silks should only be worn with areas that you'd like to show off and not hide
  • Choose fabrics that work well for your look and lifestyle

A Quick Fabric Summary

  • Silk sleepwear looks and feels sumptuous
  • Stretch microfiber has a silky feel with lots of stretch
  • Classic cotton or linen has a fresh and lightweight look and feel
  • Nylon knit is very comfortable and long wearing
sleep wear

Don't always opt for bland styles -

  • Nightgowns and sleepwear are the perfect way to experiment with new colors, prints, and fun styles. Don't be afraid to try something fresh and fabulous
  • Avoid boring or bland night gowns in favor of colors that brighten your complexion, prints or patterns that are exciting, and trims and / or details that make you feel special
  • Turn any night into a celebration when you treat yourself to glamorous sleepwear gowns that you'll actually look forward to slipping into and showing off