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Satin Nightgown Secrets That Will Inspire

Satin Nightgown - Can you keep a secret? Neither can we, especially when it comes to sleepwear with a hint of pizzazz that's as irresistible as it is inspirational - we're of course talking about satin. 

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Elegant and glamorous with a look that says cool, confident and completely at ease, beautiful satin nightgowns have a timeless appeal that can take you from a quiet evening lounging at home to a luxurious Tahitian honeymoon.

Below, we share some of our favorite tips and tricks on sumptuous satin gowns - because everyone deserves a touch of glam that says, "I'm worth it."

 A Satin Nightgown To Fit Every Shape

If you think satin nightgowns are only for women with perfect bodies, it’s time to take another look. Just like clothing, there are a variety of cuts and styles, and getting it right is all about choosing one that fits and flatters your silhouette.

The trick to finding a satin nightgown that's as comfortable as it is beautiful?  Styles that are cut on the bias - which means they have greater stretch and offer an easier fit.

Try on several looks until you find the right one that hugs your curves in the right places and minimizes flaws.

A-line bias styles are universally flattering, and depending on your shape you might look best in long column nightgowns, babydolls, classic slips, or menswear button up styles.

  Gorgeous Colors

When it comes to colors, satin offers a sensational array of choice.

Of course black is classic and slimming, but don’t just assume that it’s always your best bet. Try to step outside the box and choose a nightgown in a brilliant shade like cobalt blue, rich violet, turquoise, or crimson.

The right shade will light up your skin tone and play up your best features.

A gorgeous jewel toned silky nightgown also feels opulent and indulgent, which is something every woman needs more of, even if it’s just for bed.

 Did You Know?

Silk nightgowns are made from a natural and somewhat delicate fiber, while satin gowns are made of synthetic materials like polyester and nylon which are stain-resistant and easy to clean.

Satin Gowns Can Be A Splurge Or Save

Don’t shy away from this sophisticated style because you don’t have the bank account to back it up. Satin is available at every price point and is an accessible luxury that anyone can afford.

How to save? If you’re looking for a budget friendly version, try chain or departments stores, shop the sale racks, and look for synthetic fabrics that give you the glossy sheen you love without a hefty price tag.

Looking to spend a little more? Look for silk charmeuse and shop smaller boutiques for designer styles.

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Satin Sleepwear Can Be Worn Year Round

One of the great benefits of satin is its versatility and adaptability.

Try a flirty little slip in the summer months, or stay warm in the winter in full-length styles.

Those in-between months are made for a matching satin robe to give you that extra bit of coverage. Satin gowns are a great investment because of their versatility and wearability at any time of the year.

Did You Know?

Satin sleepwear also tends to be more durable and have a longer life span than silk.

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Stunning Satin Fits Any Style

Whether you’re the ultimate girlie girl or more of a minimalist, you’ll find a satin nightie style that’s true to your look.

  • Go for full-on femininity and frills in lace-trimmed styles, complete with ruffles, ribbons, and bows
  • If you love classic and timeless looks try elegant slips and chemises
  • If you gravitate towards simplicity, you’ll love chic tank styles in elegant neutrals
  • And those who love the look of menswear style pajamas will adore satin button-front nightshirts

It's As Beautiful As It Looks

Make your bedtime feel like a trip to the spa when you add a satin nightgown to your routine. Use your nightie as the finishing touch on an evening pampering regime and let your senses lavish in the luxurious feel of slipping into silky satin pajamas.

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Satin Is Not Just For Special Occasions

Instead of treating your satin sleepwear as fancy luxury lingerie that you reserve for special occasions, make any night one to celebrate by wearing satin pajama on a regular basis.

Slip into a satin nightgown any day of the week and you’ll quickly become hooked on the way it makes any evening feel extraordinary.